OM sale: McCourt claims 350 M€, an investor on the spot! (INFO Marseille Football Media)

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According to information from Media Foot Marseille, Frank McCourt is indeed looking for a buyer for OM. The businessman has even set his minimum price and has a lead that he favors since it comes from the United States. Quickly discover all our revelations on the possible sale of OM!

There is indeed a subject around the OM sale. Despite the denials of the Marseille management for more than 18 months, the club is indeed looking for a buyer. Media Foot Marseille has obtained very clear information and we are able to confirm that Frank McCourt would like to hand over. If he has not defined a timetable or a deadline, he is attentive to the projects that could be proposed to him. Proof of his desire to hand over, the businessman has ruled on a minimum price below which he refuses to discuss a possible sale of the club. According to our information, Frank McCourt expects an offer of at least 350 million euros to sell OM.

350 million euros…

Why McCourt wants to sell OM

Whether Frank McCourt came to Marseillesit is not just for OM, the incomparable fervor of his supporters and his love for football. If he knows the sport and its inner workings, he is clearly not a football specialist… And even if he seemed euphoric during the last qualification of Marseille Olympics in League of the Champions, it’s more for the positive consequences for the club than the prestige of taking part in such a competition… If OM and their assets are part of the reasons for his coming, it is impossible not to take into account the real estate part of his investment. His arrival in the south of France in the summer of 2016 corresponds to several real estate projects on the Cote d’Azur. And according to our sources, these projects are more difficult to implement than expected. The Covid did not help their development and Frank McCourt seems to want to turn the page on these complex investments to put in place. OM would therefore be his last point of attachment with France. With the clear and displayed desire (behind the scenes) to find a solid buyer to continue building the Olympian project.

The bride is beautiful, no madness

Officially, Frank McCourt and its teams refuse to openly discuss their desire to sell OM. The businessman is preparing, as if nothing had happened, for the next season and the club’s return to Champions League. But in fact, the American is looking more at how he can hand over in the medium term. The envelope for the summer transfer window bears witness to this. With 50 million euros, not one more, OM won’t go crazy. The bride is beautiful, the accounts are gradually returning to balance, there is no question of tempting the devil and embarking on an investment campaign on players at 30 or 40 million euros.

An American investor who listens, but…

The question remains: who is ready to invest 350 million euros? As a reminder, Frank McCourt spent just under 50 million euros in 2016 to take up the torch of Margarita Louis Dreyfus… If he has invested nearly 200 million euros in recruitment in almost seven years, the price claimed clearly seems above his “true value”. Still according to our information, Frank McCourt already has a lead. An investor who retains his intention since he is, like him, American. If it is true that OM has been approached many times over the past two years, Frank McCourt rejected many attempts because he did not believe in the solidity of the possible investors (as was the case for the troublemaker, Mohammad Ajroudifollowed at the time by a Mourad Boudjellal a little candid for the moment, the Tunisian businessman was clearly not solid for OM).

The concern is that the American businessman interested in OM does not at all plan to spend the 350 million euros claimed by Frank McCourt. Rightly, he believes that the value of the club is less. For now, it is difficult to know if the two men are still in contact and if negotiations are underway. But OM is indeed for sale, as certain as the club was not sold a year or two ago, as some of our colleagues have been talking about for months. The OM sale is a real subject but for now, even in secret, Frank McCourt has not yet found the exit door that he is waiting for and hoping for…

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