OM sale: Frank McCourt crossed paths with the Saudis but…

Instigator of the soap opera ‘Vente OM’, Matthias Manteghetti gave an update on the situation of the Marseille club this week.

A year after launching rumors around the potential sale of Olympique de Marseille with Thibaud Vézirian, the former journalist for Canal+ Matthias Manteghetti took stock of the situation with our colleagues from FCM.

“Whether it’s true or not, I probably did well not to talk about it anymore considering the mess it caused. With Thibaud we had never spoken, we did it last September, he had many more sources than me and they are different from mine. Everyone said it was done. It is not me who took sole responsibility for this announcement, I was asked. If we know who is behind this simultaneity of information? No, and I don’t know if we’ll find out one day (…) But I can assure you that I got this information from sources who don’t know each other, who have nothing in common. My superiors also had confirmations from someone who that day had the same information as me. For us the information was good (…) The only information that came to me then was Fabrice Abriel, who confirmed to me that he had been approached by investors in 2020 to discuss with the OM if a recovery was possible. He had therefore contacted Olympique de Marseille and he had been told that there was a negotiation in progress and that we would not respond to his contact. For me, there are only two possibilities, either OM is sold and for X reasons that I don’t know, it can’t be made official, but why would we buy a club to make it official a year and a half later? Or, it’s more realistic for me, the negotiations were very very very advanced and something happened that caused the sale to fall apart. The trick of saying that they bought, I believed in it for 2-3 months but I don’t really believe in it anymore. What would that be for? I’m sure something happened, but something happened and the sale didn’t go through. This is my feeling. »

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