OM players would be the least loyal / France /

The Dutch website had fun compiling stats from the CIES Football Observatory in order to calculate the number of months that footballers spend in a club’s first team. According to their accounts, the Ligue 1 team with the most loyal players would be Angers, where a player stays on average 49.1 months, just ahead of PSG with 39.3 months. Lyon gets a nice podium, OL players staying 30 months on average.

Olympique de Marseille ranks 18thand and last place, and would therefore be the least loyal team in France, since players stay at the club for an average of 17.3 months. However, the team finished 5and Ligue 1 last season, proving that successful teams don’t always have the most loyal players. The league with the most loyal players would be the Premier League, where players spend an average of 37 months at one club. On the other hand, the clubs with the highest average are Spanish: Real Madrid players would thus be the most loyal of the European top 5 with an average of 59.8 months spent at the club, while those of Athletic Bilbao remain 59.1. month at home.

Do what you want with this data.

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