OM: Juninho ignites for Sanchez

Media365 editorial staff, published on Wednesday, October 05, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.

Winner of Sporting Portugal (4-1), Tuesday evening in the Champions League, OM was able to count on the equalizing goal of Alexis Sanchez. A player congratulated from all sides this Wednesday.

Led after less than a minute of play on Tuesday evening, in their Vélodrome stadium deprived of their supporters, OM once again seemed to be in a bad way for this third day of the Champions League. The lightning finally came from Alexis Sanchez against Sporting Portugal. A little unexpected pressing, a blunder from goalkeeper Adan and the Phocaeans were completely revived. A 4-1 victory later, the Chilean striker recruited this summer was praised as it should be, in particular by the former iconic player of OL Juninho.

« Sanchez, for me, he is really a great playercommented the Brazilian leader on RMC. The attitude he had yesterday, the first goal he will chase, not all attackers do that« Almost 34 years old (in December), the former Inter Milan striker has shown himself to be combative, a quality highly valued by Juninho. »He moves every time, he defends, he does not let go. He’s a champignited the former free kick specialist. We thought he was at the end of his career, but not at all. Congratulations to OM for taking it. »

Harit: « With a player of this class… »

Also scorer against the Portuguese on Tuesday evening, for the 2-1, Amine Harit was not left out in terms of compliments addressed to the South American. In remarks relayed by La Provence, the ex-Nantais was also enthusiastic. « Sanchez is very important to us. It’s a blaster! It is difficult to take the marking for a defense, he moves a lot, he presses a lot, it makes things easier for uswelcomed the Moroccan international, before talking about his relationship with Sanchez. With a player of this class in front, it’s immediately easier. He smells like football. It’s a pleasure for me to play with a great player like him. »

Former OM coach during the 1999-2000 season, Bernard Casoni also went there with his little analysis. « A guy like Alexis Sanchez is the very, very high levelhe said to L’Equipe. He never gives up and the Champions League is that. He does not give up, he is present in every action. Going to press the goalkeeper, he gets a defender, but he continues his race« For Casoni, Sanchez has simply »put OM back in the game. On what he shows, he is really the best recruit of the summer. In the 86th minute, he was pressing again!“It remains to be seen whether this “grinta” from the Chilean will be enough for OM to reach the round of 16 of the cup with big ears. After 3 days, the Ciel et Blancs are still last, but now one point behind Tottenham and Frankfurt and three lengths behind Sporting, hope remains.

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