OM: In Marseille, Pablo Longoria is no longer unanimous

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In the summer of 2020, Pablo Longoria settled down at OM as director of football, then replacing Andoni Zubizarreta at the head of the sportsman. And the Spaniard will not have taken long before being adopted on the Canebière. Longoria quickly gained points and the confidence of Frank McCourt, who did not hesitate to make him the president of OM. But today, his image would be somewhat tarnished.

Whether Jacques-Henri Eyraud was clearly not appreciated by fans of theOMhe still did something good on the Canebière since it was he who brought back Pablo Longoria. In recent months, the Spaniard has perhaps been the best signing for the Marseille club. Indeed, arriving as director of football, he immediately hit hard on the transfer market by bringing in several players and making big moves. The results were thus more than positive for Pablo Longoria, but this Sunday, La Provence explains that the president of OM would no longer necessarily be unanimous.

Longoria loses points

On the Marseille side, we therefore adored Pablo Longoria. But today, that would no longer necessarily be the case. Indeed, according to information from the regional daily, the president of theOM would have lost points in recent months. Today, he would be more suspicious than confident about Longoria on the Canebière.

Management that makes you cringe

How to explain such a situation around Pablo Longoria ? This would result from the management of the President of OM on the transfer window. And several files would thus make cringe. This would apply in particular to Alvaro Gonzálezwho went from executive to plastered in just a few weeks at theOM. Today, the Spaniard is asked to leave the Marseille club, but no solution has yet been found. Likewise, the departure of Steve Mandanda would be blamed Longoria. Although it saves the big salary of the now player of reindeer, human management leaves much to be desired. And there is also the case of Jordan Amaviwhich had been extended before being sidelined…

The Tudor Bet

Pablo Longoria has therefore lost points and he could lose more in the months to come if the bet made with Igor Tudor was to fail. With the departure of Jorge SampaoliI’OM had to look for a new coach and the Spaniard made the Croatian his priority. Here it is now You sleep in command at Marseilles. And Longoria therefore plays big with the success or not of the new coach of theOM.

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