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Very active since his arrival at Olympique de Marseille, Pablo Longoria wants to make the club phocen a locomotive of European football. The president of the southern training wants to participate in the development of the French championship and has launched several avenues to achieve this.

OM: how Longoria wants to

Pablo Longoria wants to revive the attractiveness of French football.

Pablo Longoria is not the chmer type. In the oven and in the mill, the sports director, who has since become president of Olympique de Marseille, is on all fronts to make the club phocen shine again … but not only.

Indeed, the Spanish leader was present at the National Assembly on Wednesday, along with the director of communications Jacques Cardoze, for a hearing as part of the information mission on TV rights in sport. The opportunity for him to launch several tracks so that French football can catch up with the main leagues.

Greater TV rights

First observation, TV rights in France are still too low. They must be seriously revised upwards to allow clubs to fight. TV rights in football are the most stable income of a club, it is very important to develop our economic model, and to have a strong championship. establishing an economic model only around player transactions would risk putting us in the same category as many minor leagues. We have seen in Sweden or Norway that the level of the teams fell as soon as there was no longer any stable income such as TV rights. , Longoria said in remarks relayed by RMC.

Another observation, and not the least, is access to images. For the boss of OM, it is increasingly difficult to follow football in France. This is inevitably harmful and slows down the virtuous circle that he wishes to see put in place. If I compare against Spain or Italy, it is more difficult to access football in France. After last weekend’s multiplex in L1, I tried to see the highlights of the various matches as a real enthusiast. But I had a lot of trouble finding. We must make a more visible , argued the former leader of Juventus.

Adapting the consumer society

For the main interested, it is up to sports players to adapt to new types of consumers. We are going through a media transformation. The world is changing, and so is the way we consume television. Sport, and football in particular, must adapt to this transformation, with the switch from traditional television to OTT. There are always the traditional supporters, the loyalists of a club, but there are also the consumers of three minutes. It is the company of the immediate. They want highlights, goals… Tomorrow we will play a Europa League match against Lokomotiv Moscow. I consider that the people who will watch this entire match are Moscow supporters or OM supporters. Someone else who wants to watch the Europa League tomorrow will look at the multiplex to see all the goals. , added Longoria.

In his opinion, it is necessary to think about filling the many holes and weak moments of the matches in order to retain the viewer. We have a 90-minute show. But in a lot of games, I find it interesting to be a professional footballer that three or four minutes ago. As an industry, we have to ask ourselves how to develop this hard weakness. If I compare with what is done in the United States, football matches do not have a lot of introduction, for example. We have to develop strategies and solutions. In the long term, we have to make the championship more attractive. We can imagine a personalization of the product, finding out how to reach the viewer by offering him something suitable. The football industry is conservative, but we must seek to develop new things , insisted the Marseillais.

Stronger governance

In addition to TV rights, Longoria, in favor of a move from 20 to 18 clubs in Ligue 1, calls for a strong structure to regulate the economy of the clubs. We must also look at legal structures. It is important to have strong governance at the level of the League, because it is the vehicle for reforming football. Stronger economic control is needed, with fixed rules for clubs. I am in favor of economic control within the National Leagues. Control of La Liga is more important than UEFA’s financial fair play, a priori and not a posteriori. I am more in favor of prevention than repression , affirmed the Ibre. It is up to Longoria to continue in this direction in order to involve as many people as possible in her quest.

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