OM: Gonzalez turns on the LFP!

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Since the start of the season, Olympique de Marseille has been confronted with several incidents linked to the resurgence of violence in stadiums in Ligue 1. In an interview on Twitch with journalist Misterchip, Marseille central defender Alvaro Gonzalez (31 years old, 6 games in L1 this season) criticized the decisions taken by the Disciplinary Commission of the Professional Football League.

« You can’t put everyone in the same bag for two bottles thrown by two people, but you can judge a League because you have to make decisions so that it doesn’t happen again. There is a photo of me. for example in front of 300 supporters on the ground and finally I was the hardest sanctioned. We should have taken decisions to avoid what happened next … I always say that we are actors of a magnificent sport so we accept insults, even between players. Once the referee whistles the end, it must remain on the field. Everyone defends their interests on the pitch. If it goes further, after a match, on a corner, it must be more severely sanctioned. If this is not the case, well you will have the same thing over the next 7 games and we will talk about France only for the incidents, « lamented the Spaniard.

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