Olympic Games 2024: tickets on sale for less than €50

The organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympics presented Monday the main axes of the ticketing process which will take place in 2023, with half of the Olympic tickets displayed at a price of 50 euros or less.

A total of 13.4 million tickets will be available: 10 million for the Olympic Games and 3.4 million for the Paralympic Games. Ticketing represents a third of the revenue of the Olympic Organizing Committee, the other two thirds being sponsors and a contribution from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for a budget – entirely private – of nearly 4 billion euros. Regarding prices for the Olympics, one million tickets, or 10%, will be sold at 24 euros for all sports. And 50% of Olympic tickets will be available at 50 euros and less. A ticket will correspond to a “session” and will vary according to the sports. Details have not yet been fixed.

The process will be launched in December 2022: you will have to register for the draw to win a purchase time slot, first for pack tickets (groupings of tickets representing several sports) in February then for single tickets. unit in May. This system is considered « more transparent » and  » less time-consuming », according to the organizers. The last sales should take place at the end of 2023. 80% of tickets are reserved for the general public and 20% for hospitality (tailor-made services, privileged access, etc.), via the partner On location, and for stakeholders (local authorities, sports movement, guest sponsors…).

“We want Games open to as many people as possible, popular and unifying. Our ticketing policy responds to this commitment by offering a large volume of tickets at affordable prices, for all sports”said Monday the boss of the Cojo, Tony Estanguet, quoted by the committee which held a board of directors. “Experiencing the Games at home is an experience that will surely only happen once in our lifetime. It’s an opportunity to commune with our athletes, to be at their side to support them and carry them to victory. »added Tony Estanguet.

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