Olivier Giroud, the new « Benzema case » of the France team


Banned from the France team since the end of Euro 2020, Olivier Giroud is undergoing a « Disguised punishment » from Didier Deschamps.

Still present in the After Foot on RMC, Daniel Riolo took the opportunity to discuss the situation of the attackers of the France team. He particularly criticizes Didier Deschamps for his attitude towards Karim Benzema, which he replies today with Olivier Giroud. As a reminder, the new striker of AC Milan was not selected by the coach of the Blues for the semi-final of the Nations League this Thursday (8:45 p.m.) against Belgium.

“He did say ‘I never had a radical position for anyone’. So Benzema did not attend the French team for 6 years, it was not a radical position. If there are still defenders of Didier Deschamps, I invite them to call and explain to me why they are defending him at this point. Didier Deschamps does not have to respect us any more, us journalists. And we don’t have to ask for more respect. He is just the coach of the French team, he speaks to all French people through us. So with this kind of talk, he takes everyone for imbeciles, all French people who support the Blues. He can’t say he never took a radical stand for anyone. This is a huge lie because it was a radical position not to summon Benzema for 6 years. He did not want to take Giroud because for him ‘it’s time to turn the page, what he did in the French team is wonderful, we were world champion with him, it’s great . The page must be turned, goodbye. What he did at Benzema for 6 years, he is doing with Olivier Giroud. A sort of disguised mini punishment that we don’t really understand. « 


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