Olivier Brett Report: CF Montéral 1 – Chicago Fire 0 (MLS / Soccer)


The best possible end to the worst game of the season.

What to think of this victory of CF Montreal which enters a break of three and a half weeks with a record of 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws?

On the check mark

Mason. Vincent. Toye.

At $ 208,000 in annual salary, he could go out of the season and the club would have had their money’s worth with their three goals in 147 minutes of play.

On my hunger

Technically, the Montreal XI offered its worst performance of the season. From afar.

Ahmed Hamdi’s checks were disappointing. The first touches of Sunusi Ibrahim too. Apart from a control at Zidane in the second half, Djordje Mihailovic never left his mark on the game on his return to Chicago.

The staggering number of free turnovers prevented any form of tempo control against a team that was average at best.

On the sidelines

In the past, we highly valued the passion of Montreal coaches. A passion that often led to counterproductive outbursts. Special mention to the repeated suspensions of Marco Schallibaum and the basins of Frank Klopas towards an official during Cameron’s goal in the Champions League.

We are in a completely different register with Wilfried Nancy. Before the arrival of Olivier Renard, the club had a speech of great persecuted. By the referees, by the league, by quite a few everyone.

Last Saturday, FC Cincinnati’s game-winning goal was scored from an offside position. Rather than go for a public tirade, Nancy and the club engaged in a dialogue with the league. A week later, in such circumstances, the video cover saved Montrealers.

A coincidence? Perhaps.

Still, it is reassuring to note that CF Montreal no longer positions itself as a victim to cover up basic problems as it has not done for too long.

On the right track

Reading between the lines, I have the impression that Rémy Vercoutre is heading towards Lyon. I would not be at all surprised if such an announcement was made in the next few days.

When your heart club calls you, you answer. Especially in the midst of a pandemic where seeing your children is impossible.

If he returns to France, Vercoutre will leave a considerable (not impossible) void to fill. A coach goalkeepers who have lived at the highest level in Europe, but who believe in local talent, that is not to be found on every street corner.


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