OL still do not win

Media365 editorial staff, published on Friday, October 07, 2022 at 10:51 p.m.

If it has at least interrupted its series of defeats, Olympique Lyonnais was hooked on Friday by Toulouse (1-1, tenth day of Ligue 1).

On the banks of the Rhône, the sky has been beginning to cloud over seriously for some time. Peter Bosz, cornered, felt the noose tightening after a painful series of four consecutive defeats for Olympique Lyonnais. A period that is a stain for such an institution, at the heart of a season without the slightest European Cup.

The equation was clear, for the Lyonnais: a victory or the storm. And the opponent of the day, Toulouse, had everything of a tough opposition with its collective certainties and its assumed audacity. The Lyonnais had tightened the screws a little to stop the bleeding, but they fell back into their ways, again, in periods, and could not hope for better than a frustrating draw.

And yet, OL had no time to doubt…

The evening scenario could really have done the business of the Lyonnais, however. Time is an enemy when you are in doubt. However, Téfécé had not even entered their match when the Gones found the opening on their first foray into the area.

Tetê, put into orbit by Lacazette, took advantage of an approximate alignment of the Toulouse rearguard to unblock the situation with an adjusted shot from close range (1-0, 3rd). In this configuration, OL could and should have widened the gap to take cover. Because the opportunities have not failed. From Toko Ekambi (12th) to Lacazette (23rd), the waves started to rain but the lack of efficiency in the last gesture weighed down the band to Peter Bosz.

A turning point, certainly, for a team from Toulouse who did not ask for so much. Coming with their usual game principles, Philippe Montanier’s men gradually gained confidence and began to weave their web as Lyon’s confidence waned. And what had to happen happened on the return from the locker room, Rafael Ratao putting the two teams equal with a well-felt shot which deceived Lopes (1-1, 67th).

Bosz then released his last cards to breathe new life into his team. Under the impetus of an enterprising Reine-Adelaïde, OL put the pressure back on their opponents, but Dupé still took care to protect their goals, as often this season, especially against two successive attempts from the midfielder (71st, 74th). The score did not change despite a suffocating end to the match. The Lyonnais will hold on to this point, remembering that they no longer slip. But because they are still floundering, they are not advancing either.

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