OL – Houssem Aouar is not at the level for the Premier League

For Giovanni Castaldi, L’Equipe consultant, for several months, Houssem Aouar has been in deep decline with OL.

“Do Arsenal really need Houssem Aouar? They have needs elsewhere, I don’t see why they would pounce on Houssem Aouar. Obviously there was already an interest last summer. He complains that the offer comes late, of not being able to go to Manchester City … But for a year, Houssem Aouar, even if he played a bit of bad luck, with physical glitches and the Covid, he is not not at the level. He disappoints. He was still a substitute for OL, ”said the consultant to L’Equipe.

And to add: “He did not manage to follow up after his very good Final 8 so the top clubs are no longer interested in Houssem Aouar. Yet Lyon is less greedy than before, they would no doubt wish to sell it, not at any price. But I think there is a level problem for the clubs he hopes. What is incredible is that at this price, Houssem Aouar, two and a half years ago, the clubs would have signed immediately. That says a lot about his current level. I think he should stay and have a great season at OL. « 

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