OL equaled a sad 1982 away record

Adrien Truffert (Rennes) and Jérôme Boateng (OL) (Photo by JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP)

While waiting for the trip to Montpellier on Saturday (5 p.m.), OL have only taken one point away from home. He had never been so uncomfortable off his bases since the 1982-83 season.

It already seems a long way from the promising start to the season with a 13 out of 15 after five days. Six other encounters have since followed and yet theOL only displays one additional unit on its balance sheet. After having received four times out of five games, the Lyonnais were confronted with the travel law and it clearly did not go as planned. For eleven days, OL have been the worst student in Ligue 1 with only one point gleaned in five games played outside Lyon. It was to Reims and it was not until the last minutes to see Moussa Dembélé reduce the score.

No away wins in 1982-83

This series of poor results away from Parc OL clearly plays into the current 10th place occupied by Alexandre Lacazette’s teammates. We had to go back to the 1982-1983 season to see the Lyon club score so few away points at this stage of the championship. A black exercise for OL who had managed to make the pass of five defeats in a row in the league and not to win any away match. Lawrence White and his players would like not to equal this sad sad by winning on Saturday at Montpellier.

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