OL are chasing flawlessly, flamboyant Cherki

Lyon received 5 out of 5

OL sign their 5th success this evening in 5 Europa League games this season. Peter Bosz’s men seated their first place a little more, already secured before kick-off.

It’s over, OL win 3-1

The Lyonnais struggled in the first half. They had the possession but not the opportunities. Brondby even opened the scoring at the start of the second half, before a double from Cherki to put OL in the right direction. Slimani scored the 3rd goal.

Toko Ekambi misses out!

Found in depth, the Cameroonian striker has a face to face game. He decides to go off-center but can no longer hit and the goalkeeper gets the ball.

5 minutes of additional time

Lyon are preparing to sign a 5th victory in 5 games this season in the Europa League.

Intervention by Lopes

The Lyon goalkeeper folds well on a low cross from the left. The victory is slowly looming for OL.

Hugo Vogel comes into play

Another very young player for OL tonight. The Lyon defender was born in 2004. He replaces Malo Gusto.

Paqueta touched

The Brazilian remains on the ground and shows the referee the mark of Tshiembe’s studs on his shin. Big sole from the Brondby defender who deserves at least a yellow card.

New change for Brondby

Rosted replaces Heggheim.

3rd goal in 3 games for Slimani

The Algerian is efficient this season in the Europa League. This time he helped himself with his arm to eliminate the defender but the video assistance decided to grant this goal anyway.


As soon as it comes into play, Paqueta is already making a difference. He fixes the defense then centers on Slimani, who passes in front of Mensah and comes to place his head to conclude at close range and register the 3rd Lyon goal. 3-1.

Slimani in tip, Paqueta in support

For the end of the game, OL are reorganizing themselves to 4-2-3-1 with Guimaraes and Caqueret in front of the defense, Toko Ekambi on the left and Paqueta in 10. Cherki remains on the right and Slimani is now alone in the lead.

Bosz brings in Paqueta, Toko Ekambi, Guimaraes and Caqueret

It is the heavy artillery which returns for the OL. Dembélé, Thiago Mendes, Keita and Kadewere give way.

Hedlund’s failure

Well served in the area, the Swede completely unscrews his shot. No regrets, however, because he was finally signaled in an offside position.


Launched by Gusto on the right side, he eliminates a defender with a physical appearance, a second with a hook behind the leg, before striking with his left foot at the near post. Superb goal from the young Frenchman, which allows OL to take the advantage in this meeting. 2-1.

Florent Manaudou present at the stadium

Florent Manaudou is present at the Brondby Stadion this evening to follow OL, of which he is a supporter. He is surely enjoying being with his future wife, the Danish Pernille Blume, Olympic champion in the 50 meters freestyle in Rio.

Florent Manaudou present at the Brondby-OL match
Florent Manaudou present at the Brondby-OL match © Instagram Florent Manaudou

Double change for Brondby

Mensah and Slimane enter instead of Greve and Riveros.


The Lyonnais reacted immediately after the opening of Brondby’s scoring. After a volley from Slimani repelled by the keeper, Riveros loses the ball in the middle of the box in front of Rayan Cherki. The young Lyon midfielder immediately followed with a flat left foot to equalize and score his first goal of the season with OL. 1-1.

Slimani launches Dembélé

The Lyon striker is preceded by the Brondby goalkeeper, but it came to nothing. OL must react and the attacking duo will have to succeed in finding the loophole.

The goal is validated

We had to wait almost two minutes after the goal, but it was validated. Brondby leads well 1-0 thanks to Uhre.

The Lyonnais contest

The referee communicates with the VAR before awarding the goal. The Lyonnais have contested but what they claim is not clear. There is probably no offside or foul, but the check goes on forever.


The Brondby striker appears in the Lyon area upon receipt of a center from Hedlund. At close range, he throws himself to push the ball into the net. 1-0 for Brondby!

Bruus Center

It is countered by a Lyonnais before being picked up by Lopes. OL returned to the field with the intention of putting a lot of intensity.

Here we go again at the Brondby Stadion

No change for the moment on the side of OL, Peter Bosz trusts the same men as in the first period.

Will Peter Bosz make any changes?

Paqueta, Toko Ekambi, Aouar or Guimaraes are on the bench. Peter Bosz could decide to bring in one or more in the second half to make a difference.

It’s the break

The referee whistles half-time at Brondby Stadion with the score 0-0. OL had possession but Brondby had the best chances in this first period.

Slimani and Kadewere don’t get along

On a cons and a 4 against 3 to manage for OL, Slimani tries to find Kadewere in depth but the Zimbabwean is not fast enough.

The pace of the match has dropped

Both teams appear to be patiently waiting for the break. There are a lot of mistakes, the game is broken.

Shock between Cherki and Tshiembe

OL claim a card but the defender Brondby comes out with nothing.

Beautiful Kadewere-Dembélé combination

Kadewere makes a one-two with Dembélé entering the area and hits with a touch, but it is off target. It was a goal ball.


On another quick attack from Brondby, the Danes found space on the right side. Henrique is taken and Bruus can cross. Greve is there to resume at close range but Malo Gusto comes back at the end to counter the ball and save OL. This is the best opportunity of the match.

Greve’s strike!

Brondby projects himself well, once again. On a high recovery, Greve tries to open up an angle and strike. It is pushed back for a corner by Lopes. Brondby continues to be dangerous on blocks.

OL continue to move to the right

Almost no action originates from the left side. OL always go to the right, towards Gusto and Cherki.

Slimani countered!

On a cross from Malo pushed back by the defense, the Algerian is well placed and tries to strike in first intention, but it is deflected by a defender on the trajectory.

First yellow card of the match

It is for Greve, Brondby side, after a foul on Henrique.

Kadewere in the area

The Lyonnais receives the ball after a good sequence of Dembélé in a small space, but he then looks for Slimani when he probably should have hit. Lost ball.

Big battle in the middle

The two teams try to win in the midfield and have difficulty reaching the opposing surface. Cherki is sought in depth but it is too long and the Danish goalkeeper can clear.

Cherki tries her luck

This is the first Lyon shot of this meeting. Following a recovery from Keita, Cherki can get into a striking position and cross with his right foot, but it is captured by the keeper.

New corner for Brondby

Under pressure from Uhre on the shoulder, Da Silva conceded the corner. OL seem fragile in defense.

Corner for Brondby

Once again, the Danes accelerate and do not pass the sides. Uhre is very close to being able to retake the center of Bruus, the Lyon defense was overwhelmed.

The ball for OL, the opportunities for Brondby

Possession is not everything and in this first quarter of an hour, the chances are for Brondby, who manages to project himself quickly to the recovery of the ball.

Riveros right next door!

On a cross from the right, the Paraguayan largely takes the best on Gusto with the head. He does not fit and fortunately because Lopes seemed to be in a hurry.

OL insist on the right side

It is on the wing of Gusto and Cherki that the Lyonnais build most of their offensives. But for now, the young duo are struggling to tell the difference against Brondby’s defense.

Da Silva vigilant

The Lyon defender pushes back a cross from Hedlund. The Swede then takes it twice to find Bruus on the opposite side, whose first-line delivery goes above Lopes’ goal.

4 players under 20 at OL

In the Lyon eleven tonight, there are four players under 20: Habib Keita (19), Rayan Cherki (18), Malo Gusto (18) and Castello Lukeba (18).

OL put their foot on the ball

In this very beginning of the match, it is the Lyonnais who have the possession and are running well for the moment.

Bad cross from Gusto

Cherki and Gusto combine on the right side. The side tries to conclude with a cross from the left, his bad foot, but it is completely missed.

Excellent return from Henrique

As Da Silva is taken deep by Brondby’s forwards, it takes Henrique’s return to cut the pass. Lukeba then pushes back the danger.

Let’s go to the Brondby Stadion

The kick-off is given by the Danes.

Moussa Dembélé captain

For his return to competition, the Lyon striker will wear the armband tonight. Kick off in 5 minutes.

18 days without a match for OL

With the end of the meeting between OL and OM after only two minutes, last Sunday, the Lyonnais have not played a game in full since November 7, before the international break. OL were then severely beaten by Rennes, 4-1.

In the first leg, OL went for a walk

In the first leg between OL and Brondby at the end of September at Groupama Stadium, Peter Bosz’s players won 3-0 thanks to a double from Toko Ekambi and a goal from Aouar. But the Danes were in trouble at the time. Since then, they have suffered only one loss in nine games and have repositioned themselves in the first part of their league table.

Bosz turns, Cherki and Dembélé holders

In a game without much at stake for OL, Peter Bosz decided to rotate his squad and give some players time to play. Rayan Cherki is particularly titular on the right side, while Moussa Dembélé is back in attack, after an injury which kept him away from the field for several weeks.

The composition of OL: Lopes – Gusto, Da Silva, Lukeba, Henrique – Cherki, Mendes, Keita, Kadewere – Dembélé, Slimani.

Brondby’s composition

Hermansen – Heggheim, Maxso, Tshiembe – Bruus, Greve, Radosevic, Frendrup, Riveros – Uhre, Hedlund.

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Kick-off at 9 p.m.

Already assured of finishing in first place in his group, Olympique Lyonnais travels to Denmark to face Brondby. Kick-off at 9 p.m.

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