OL are aiming for a 1000th victory in Ligue 1 against OM

OL-Bordeaux (Photo by JEFF PACHOUD / AFP)

At the same time as they want to keep their chances of European qualification, OL can reach a symbolic bar in Marseille on Sunday (8:45 p.m.). In the event of victory, it would be the 1000th success of the Lyonnais club in Ligue 1.

A victory to continue to believe in it. Sunday (8:45 p.m.), at the Vélodrome stadium, theOL steps forward in the shoes of the underdog against theOM despite a rather advantageous liability. Eighth in Ligue 1, the Lyon club has only four days left to secure a place in the European Cup next season. No mean feat after riding the roller coaster for the rest of the season but the Olympico poster will at least have something to motivate Peter’s players Bosch.

OL would become the 5th French club to achieve this

On the Marseille lawn, the Lyonnais will therefore want to chain a second success in a row after that against Montpellier and finally start this famous series which should allow them to move up the rankings. By winning in the Olympico, theOL would sign at the same time his 1000th victory in the French elite, D1 and Ligue 1 combined (588 draws and 737 defeats). It would be the fifth French club to achieve this after theOM (1149), the Girondins of Bordeaux (1074), Saint Etienne (1062) and AS monaco (1039). The Bordelais are also the team that OL have faced the most in the top flight with 114 games played.

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