Oilers Draisaitl on track for second-best season in 103-year NHL history

There is no denying that Leon Draisaitl is one of the best players in the NHL. He’s found himself in the league in each of the past three years and can apparently score at will.

Since the start of the 2018-19 season, he has scored 335 points – 15 behind teammate Connor McDavid for the lead and a whopping 58 points more than third Patrick Kane, who has scored a respectable 277 points in 222 games.

But this year ? Léon Draisaitl is on another level. He has scored 18 goals and 36 points in 18 games this year and is currently on track to collect 164 points in the 82-game season.

And even more impressive, his production is among the best in NHL history.

According to statistics site Hockey Reference, Leon Draisaitl currently has 170 points adjusted for the era ahead of Wednesday night’s games, which places him tied with Wayne Gretzky for the second best season in NHL history.

In order to account for the many different eras the NHL has seen, Hockey Reference adjusts all statistics to account for the “different schedule lengths, team sizes and scoring environments” of those eras. The stats are adjusted to an 82-game schedule with a maximum roster size of 18 and league averages of six goals per game and 1.67 assists per goal.

Draisaitl’s pace is scorching and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. While Draisaitl is still 20 points adjusted for the first place era, owned by Howie Morenz who had 190 adjusted points for the era in 1927-28, he rests in incredible company.

Last season, his teammate McDavid finished the year with 158 points adjusted for the time, placing him 10th, while Draisaitl’s 127 placed him in the top 50. This year, however, is completely different.

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