Official: Kenny Pickett is the starting quarterback for the Steelers

Kenny Pickett entered the field last Sunday against the Jets, and he won’t come out for the next game. This Tuesday, Mike Tomlin announced that his rookie pitcher will be the starter for Pittsburgh’s next game.

Quite a challenge, since it is the Bills who will be in front.

During his press briefing, the coach explained his choice.

“Mitchell Trubisky’s performance was a part of the decision. But not the only one. I want it to be clear. Often too much credit or blame is given to the quarterback position. We didn’t advance the ball enough for our liking. We didn’t score enough points. The quarterback is part of that, but not the only one. We must all take our responsibilities, me first. I don’t want to blame what happened on Mitch. It is not fair. It was better than they say. But we weren’t. »

A nice round leg. Almost a courtesy. Since the rest of Tomlin’s intervention is still quite clear.

“To be better and try to score more points, we decided to turn to Kenny, to bring a spark. »

Pickett scored twice on the ground against the Jets but failed to prevent the loss. With the Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins and Eagles on the schedule for his first four weeks, he’s probably going to have to be a little patient with him.

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