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51 departures, 27 arrivals, 36 extensions. Here is how this new week of transfers has been punctuated.

For the Magnus League:

THE Gothics of Amiens announced the arrival or rather the returns of Bastien Maïa and Kaylian Leborgne.

AT Angersthe club announced this week the arrival of Peter Valier, the departure of Kévin Dusseau.

On the side ofAnglet, Mathieu Pons continues at the club, for his 10ᵉ consecutive season under the colors of Hormadi. Victor Ranger is also continuing the adventure with Anglet for next season. However, this will not be the case for Arthur and Théo Larroque and the doorman Mat Robson.

Aurélien Chausserie-Laprée arrives at Briancon from Marseilles. The club has announced the extension of Quentin Fauchon and the departure of Rudolf Huna.

After returning to Bordeaux last season, French international Peter Valier left the club. The same is true for Miloslav Jachym and Henri Auvinen. Kévin Dusseau is back at the club, 6 years after leaving it. Nikita Jevpalovs for his part, extends.

AT Cergy Pontoisethe club announced in recent days the extensions of Louis Petit and Paul Schmitt.

Scott Jacklin, coach of Chamonix since last year, is not retained by the club.

Loris Chauvin continues his blue license with gap and Marseilles. Romain Gutierrez also extends, for his 7ᵉ consecutive season. On the other hand, Yegor Gainetdinov, Aurélien Serres and Kévin Altidor leave the club.

Arrived at the Wolf Burners in 2021, Jere Rouhiainen is extended for a third season in Grenoble.

Nice : Several moves have been announced by the club: the departure of Antoine Toress, the arrival of Andrei Rychagov, as well as the extension of Lucas Villain.

Rouen : The club has announced the departure of Bastian Maïa and the extension of Florian Chakiachvili, who is signing his 9ᵉ consecutive season at the club.

For Division 1:

In Brest, after spending 3 seasons with the Albatros, Mathieu Tremblay leaves the club. The same goes for Pavol Mihalik, assistant coach. Mathieu Gaillard extends to Brest. Nathan Bernier arrives at the club from Villard-de-Lans. He will be the team coach.

2122 brest tremblay

Titouan Lanes extends for an additional season in Caen. Quentin Berthon arrives from Nantes. Big recruit with the arrival of Alexandre Mulle who arrives from Bordeaux and who has 15 seasons in the Magnus League. Loup Benoit is about to leave, after having spent 5 seasons there.

Anthony Raveaud leaves the Elephants of Chambéry, just like Deniss Berdniks and Ziga Kogovsek.

Additional departures recorded in Cholet, those of Marius Magrangeas and Maxime Corvez. Matys Schwerdel will indeed still be at the club for the coming season. Mathieu Tremblay is back, 4 years after leaving the club.

This week, the Dunkirk Corsairs club announced several departures. That of Maxime Bataillé, Daniel Svoboda and Lucas Besson.

On the Epinal side, Tomas Nechala continues the adventure with the club, unlike Victor Thoreau. Jakub Sedlak arrives from Briançon.

Eric Léger arrives in Marseille from the Magnus League and more precisely from Briançon. Mathieu Buttin arrives from Tours, and Tristan Mongellaz arrives from Annecy. Aurélien Serres arrives from Gap. Loris Chauvin continues with Marseille, for a blue license contract. Kilian Guilbaut and Maxim Makarov leave the club.

Alexis Neau will not continue the adventure with Meudon in D1, just like Phil Bushbacher, Rehyann Bouteiller and Lucas Turlure. Kévin Lorcher will return to D1 with Meudon.

HC Mont-Blanc announced this week the extension of Arthur Cocar, his 9th consecutive season. Charlie Risk will arrive at the Yétis for his first season in France, coming from the United States. For his part, Jérémy Fortin leaves the club, just like Mikulas Bicha after having spent 6 years there.

In Morzine-Avoriaz, Blake Luscombe is renewed, having arrived during the season from Roanne.

The Corsairs of Nantes announced this week the departure of Pierre Pawelek, Emmanuel Alvarez, Edgar Protchenko and Valentin Duquenne. The club has also formalized the arrival of Hugo Turcotte from Briançon, and that of Eliot Ardouin and Michael Luba. Anthony Domalain will still be part of the Nantes Corsairs next season, as will Tanguy Auger.

The Neuilly-sur-Marne club formalized this week the arrival of porter Pierre Pawelek, the extension of Jules Breton.

The Black Star announced this week the extensions of Timothée Franck, Thomas Giorgi and Michal Duras. Arrived last year, Jérémy Côté and Jérémy Lucchini will no longer be part of the workforce.

Jérémy Fortin arrives in Tours from Mont-Blanc. Vince Tartari and Kévin Altidor are back at the club. Sébastien and Elie Raibon will still be in the ranks of the Remparts for next season.

For Division 2:

Stéphane Barin will always be the coach of the Chevaliers du Lac d’Annecy. Tristan Mongellaz leaves Annecy to play in D1.

Courchevel-Méribel-Pralognan: Maxime Mathieu leaves the club for another D2.

Evry-Viry: Nick Graziano will no longer be part of the club for the coming season, just like Gaëtan Melin and Jonathan Legault. On the other hand, Clément Lallemand and Geoffrey Berardet extend to the club.

Vince Tartari leaves Montpellier to continue his adventure in D1. Louis Wery and Théo Caubet continue the adventure with the Vipers. Eliot Ardouin leaves to join the Corsairs of Nantes.

Christoffer Hanning arrives in Reims for his first season in France. Quentin Dewolf extends him for his 4th season at the club.

Roanne: The club has announced the extension of Juris Upitis, Aleksandrs Visockis and that of Matthieu Depanian. Théo Perrenoud is about to leave.

Several announcements were made this week on the side of Valenciennes. Victor Breton arrives from Épinal, as does the doorman Mathis Petit who arrives from Amiens II. Maxime Mathieu arrives from Courchevel-Méribel-Pralognan. The club also recorded the extensions of Lucas Morel and Marcolino Paredes, as well as the departure of Pacôme Courtoison.
The northern club also records the signing of its new goalkeeper, the Canadian Michael Stiliadis from the Swedish third level.

Villard-de-Lans: Nathan Bernier, coach for one season, leaves the club to join Brest.

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