of municipalities encourage young people to practice an activity



Sport: municipalities encourage young people to practice an activity

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L. Legendre-Trousset, I. Delion, C. Bertiaux, N. Berthier, O. Combe, J. Martin, V. Castel – France 2

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The World Health Organization estimates that every child and adolescent between the ages of 6 and 17 should get at least one hour of physical activity every day. In France, the indicators are not really encouraging. It is a question of will but also of supply and cost.

Exercising yourself without counting for your favorite sport. It is not so easy to satisfy children in this back-to-school period, when budgets are sometimes very tight. In the Parisian suburbs, at the forum of associations in Noisy-le-Sec, it is difficult for parents to arbitrate between club prices and their children who want to try out multiple activities. But this year, with the rise in the price of supplies and energy, some contributions have increased by up to 15%.

Some families have reduced the number of activities, others stagger payments, rely on state aid or the flexibility of clubs. To help families who receive the back-to-school allowance, the State allocates them 50 euros per child. Some municipalities are also putting their hands in the wallet. The municipality of Colomiers (Haute-Garonne) grants families with a modest budget a sports ticket. More than 700 young people in the town benefit from it. This represents more than 30,000 euros of budget, a priority for the municipality, which wishes to encourage the practice of sport among the youngest.

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