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A diplomatic battle is currently taking place between India and European countries, so that the European Union recognizes the main vaccine produced in India, called Covishield, in its « vaccine pass ». This could facilitate the entry of those who received it in India but also in Africa. Before the EU agreement, several European countries have already taken the lead and authorized it.

From our correspondent in New Delhi, Sebastien Farcis

Since July 1, the European Union has introduced a vaccination pass, which facilitates the travel of vaccinated people between all the countries in the area. The first recognized sera are the four administered on the continent. The Covishield, made in India and distributed outside the EU, is therefore not. But this upset New Delhi, because Covishield is none other than the English vaccine AstraZeneca, sold under another name.

The Indian manufacturer of this serum has therefore just seized the European authorities for it to be integrated, and New Delhi is also applying pressure. It is a matter of prestige, because the Indian Covishield was sent to Africa and South America. Several European countries have already accepted the Indian request: Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Holland, among others, have just recognized the Covishield. And France is considering the question.

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Not a sesame

However, this does not constitute a sesame because, regardless of the vaccine they have received, residents of countries in the red zones, where contagion is high, can only enter Europe for compelling reasons. And this concerns the Indians, like the Congolese of the DRC, who, vaccinated or not, do not have the right to go sightseeing in the European Union.

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