« Of course I’ll stay at the Lakers, they need me and I need them »

After a premature elimination, the Lakers are preparing to live a summer which promises to be agitated. Who will go? Who will not go? In any case, a member of the workforce has already decided his personal case, forgetting perhaps a little quickly … that it is not he who decides!

The season is over with the Lakers, long before what was hoped. Worn out by injuries, the lack of chemistry between some players and the marathon from the bubble, the teammates of Lebron james laid down their arms at the foot of the brilliant Suns, defeated 4-2 in the first round of the playoffs. From now on, head for summer… and it promises to be hot in the city of angels.

With the exception of the King and Anthony Davis, no player is guaranteed to be present yet at the tip-off of the 2021-2022 season. From Andre Drummond to Dennis Schröder to Kyle Kuzma, several important names have made it known that they hope to continue the adventure. So is… Jared Dudley!

The official bench driver of the Angelinos has just completed a regular season in which he played only 12 small games, for 0.5 point average. As for the playoffs, he has accumulated … 5 minutes on the series against the Suns. Whatever, the essential is elsewhere for Dudley, of which it is the contribution of veteran in the locker room which appreciated by the franchise.

At almost 36 years old, it is legitimate to wonder if the rear will be replaced for another year. But rest assured, for him, it’s already seen everything:

I will stay, 1000%. Seriously man? They need me, they need me and I need them.

Everyone will judge which part of the sentence most closely matches reality. What is certain is that Dudley wants to continue to be that presence in the locker room, to, he hopes, go get another ring. Will there be room for him in Frank Vogel’s roster? This is a whole different story.

Undermined by several big contracts, the Lakers will have very little leeway to try to attract big names, as Brian Windhorst explained very well. You are more likely to see them fiddling around role players to get into the Cape, and Dudley could pay the price despite his modest salary.

As soon as the season is over, the Lakers advance their pawns to let it be known that they want to leave for a round. At the front office to decide, in what will be a very busy summer for the California franchise.

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