Oakland A’s would be interested in Trevor Story

At the end of the 2021 season, Trevor Story will become a free agent. The Rockies obviously won’t get along with the shortstop, so the team will be tempted to trade him before the trade deadline.

After Nolan Arenado, traded for next to nothing, Colorado can’t afford to lose Story.

Right now, the shortstop is on the injured list, but when he is healthy, the Oakland A’s will be among the teams interested in his services.

It makes sense that Oakland would be among the teams interested. During the last offseason, the team lost the services of Marcus Semien, he who agreed with the Blue Jays for a season. She must blame herself today after seeing her former shortstop be voted player of the month in the American…

And with which player did the A’s replace Semien? Elvis Andrus. This was acquired from the Rangers in return for Khris Davis. If Andrus was successful in Texas, it is quite the opposite in Oakland. He maintains a batting average of .211 and a trail attendance average of .259 in 20219. At the level of the Slugging and of OPS, he maintains the worst figures of his career.

Moreover, the Californian team, which is at the first rank of its division, has the worst OPS to the shortstop position (and Andrus is one of the big culprits).

Oakland would be on the boat with a player like Trevor Story. Not too fast, however. The Rockies are reportedly hesitant to trade him as they consider keeping him all season. Stupid as an argument, because somehow he’ll be leaving the Rockies. So why not try to gain some hope in return for his services? The Rockies will remain the Rockies, after all.

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