Novelty. Ferrari SP48 Unica: a unique model!

The Ferrari SP48 Unica, the latest in the prancing horse brand’s one-off series, has just been unveiled. It joins the most exclusive category of the entire range: unique vehicles, tailor-made to a customer’s particular specifications.
The SP48 Unica is a sporty two-seater berlinetta developed from the F8 Tributo platform.

Its taut lines and aggressive stance make it instantly recognizable from the original model, and it’s also unmistakable thanks to its arrow-shaped front profile. To achieve this effect, the headlights had to be redesigned and the brake air intakes moved.

The striking sunshade effect at the front is further accentuated by the reduction in size of the side windows and the elimination of the rear window.

The SP48 Unica was designed for a long-time customer who was involved in every step of its creation.

special projects

The “Special Projects” program creates unique Ferraris (the famous one-offs), characterized by an exclusive design imagined according to the requirements of a client, who will become the owner of this one-of-a-kind model. Each project starts from an idea proposed by the client and is then developed with a team of designers from the Styling Center of Ferrari.

After defining the proportions and shapes of the car, detailed plans and styling specifications are produced before construction of the new one-off begins. The whole process takes more than a year on average. A process in which the client is closely involved, during design evaluation and verification phases.

The result ? A one-of-a-kind Ferrari sporting the Prancing Horse emblem and built to the same standards of excellence as all the cars that roll off the Maranello assembly lines.

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