Not yet at Spurs, big news for Victor Wembanyama!


The draft is only a few weeks away and yet, there is no doubt that Spurs intend to pick Victor Wembanyama in first place. The desire of the Texas franchise is clear, especially since it is counting on him in early July. Indeed, we know more about the beginnings of the French…

Currently still in the playoffs, Victor Wembanyama is paying full attention to the Mets and the end of his campaign in France. It must be said that Vincent Collet’s men lead 2-0 against Asvel, with a great option to reach the final. No matter what happens, the Frenchman won’t have much time to rest afterwards.

Victor Wembanyama’s first match already revealed?

With the draft, a very special event, Wemby knows he will be courted for his official visit to the Spurs. As a bonus, remember that rookies and young players are invited to play in the Summer Leagues in July, just to adapt a little and show what they can do. Which means it won’t be long before Victor makes his debut.

Here is a date to surround: Victor Wembanyama could make his NBA debut on July 3 in Sacramento. The Spurs will participate in the California Classic Summer League at the Golden1 Center.

A small competition of a few days allowing the Spurs to play Wembanyama. Nothing is confirmed to date and for good reason, Victor continues the matches with Boulogne-Levallois. We know that San Antonio will want to watch their playing time, but a small appearance in the Summer League remains likely.

According to the calendar, the Spurs will face the Hornets on July 3 exactly, shortly after his draft on June 22. But for the time being, nothing says that the team will want to play him, especially after a big run in these Betclic Elite playoffs.

I don’t see Spurs playing Wemby in a dull game. I hope I’m wrong!

Victor Wembanyama could make his debut on July 3, at least if Spurs are keen to play him. It’s far from certain in such a context, but rookies almost always play at least once during a Summer League. Let’s hope that’s the case for Wemby.


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