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Phoebe Graham says the Women’s Test has highlighted the demand for the longer forms of the game, is leading the charge for a four-day game at Roses in 2022 and is awaiting the start of the Charlotte Edwards Cup…

A few days off gave me the perfect time to get back in shape, reflect and do things I love outside of cricket. As the boss (Dan Hazell) puts it “Getting away from cricket is sometimes the best for your cricket; go relax PG ‘.

It was nice to get back into place before a cricket-heavy summer with both the Charlotte Edwards T20 and The Hundred quickly approaching.

Plus, it was time to let the dust settle since I became a professional cricketer. The expectations of a full-time athlete are many and can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Luckily the tops are high and we ended our last Diamonds game with a landslide victory, so I was more than happy to leave camp in a good mood with the top of the table.

There is no better feeling than contributing to a victory!  (Photo from

There is no better feeling than contributing to a victory! (Photo from

So I spent a few days in the water, back on the bike and the kayak and for once the British weather was good. At one point the lifeguard came in a motor boat, thinking I had passed out when in fact I was just following the boss’s orders to ‘relax’ (or sunbathe on a kayak in plastic).

Happiness!  No other word to describe it!

Happiness! No other word to describe it!

I also spent time watching the England women’s test.

England Women vs India Women on Air sports highlighted the demand for a longer format of the game.

Traditionalists always say the cricket test is the best, and what a spectacular event last week’s test was. He showed the depth and talent of the Indian team.

Shafali Verma was a class act at just 17, and they showed great character with Sneh Rana and Taniya Bhatia battling an eight-way draw with an unbroken stand of 104.

The game was played on the wire, Sophie Ecclestone was fantastic, the pitch settings were classy and Katherine Brunt continued to bowl.

I hope women’s football will be re-evaluated to give national players a chance to come back blank.

There are so many demands for women to play in different formats and we have the skills and the capacity to do it.

Not only that, but I really want to bowling on a 30 year old spell. But more seriously, if we are to create a solid platform for England Women to lead the way in the test of cricket, we have to play it at the national level.

England vs India

June 27, 2021, 10:30 a.m.

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We see it in the men’s national match, the men playing cricket over four days, one day and T20. Should it be different for women? As Alex Hartley said, let’s add a Battle of the Roses to the calendar next year!

Speaking of the Battle of the Roses, we play our first T20 competition at Headingley on Saturday against the Thunder (Red Rose vs White Rose).

After a few days of break and a little rest, it is now time to get back on the road to the T20. I have even more fire in my stomach for this Saturday’s battle and I’m ready to take even more wickets!

We can't wait for the Charlotte Edwards Cup to kick off!  (Photo from

We can’t wait for the Charlotte Edwards Cup to kick off! (Photo from

Go Diamonds !!

Watch Diamonds take on Thunder this Saturday by clicking on this livestream starting at 2:30 p.m.

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