Norris sometimes « scared » by the world of social networks |

With over 1.5 million followers on Twitter, 4.4 million followers on Instagram or 1.1 million on Twitch, McLaren driver Lando Norris has become in just a few years one of the most followed grid drivers on social networks.

In the first few months of the pandemic in 2020, as everyone turned to online gaming, Norris set streaming records on Twitch and saw his fan base explode on social media in just a few months. The Briton appreciates having such a large and active fan base on social media, but fame comes at a price and it is not uncommon for a minority – usually anonymously – to go after the British pilot or good to his friends, thus showing the darker side of social networks.

 » I think the only bad thing is just personal life with friends, people who through no fault of their own sometimes get put in the spotlight because they’re seen with me on social media or something. kind. «  Norris explains to ESPN.

 » I think it’s the worst: someone who is just quiet on his own and seen with me at dinner or on a post on Instagram. There are still a lot of mean fans, a lot of fans who are just not nice and a lot of people still doing things like that. « 

 » I would say that’s the worst thing about popularity, those kinds of people. People who don’t respect your personal life at all and people you hang out with etc. It is certainly the worst. « 

 » It’s disrespectful I think, to someone who through no fault of his own, I guess just because he’s my friend, is being abused on social media because someone doesn’t like the top that he’s wearing and that’s because he’s friends with me… that’s the only thing I really hate about the position I’m in now. « 

When discussing with him the fact that on social networks some malicious people are now able to find information about people without ever meeting them before, the Briton adds: “There are, it’s very, very weird. « 

 » Honestly, it’s very scary what some people do. The time they spend trying to investigate things or people or whatever. I laugh and I find it very funny, but it is very strange. It’s just weird. « 

Besides social media, Norris also has to deal with his fame off the track in somewhat more intimate moments of life and the McLaren driver admits he finds it hard not to agree to take a selfie with a fan in public. or just chat.

 » Sometimes if I’m just having dinner with friends… honestly, I don’t mind people coming over. Of course, it might not be the nicest thing when you’re having dinner and people come over and say, « Can I have a quick pic please? » But I feel like I can’t say no! I feel like they would hate me and not be my fans anymore. I hate to say no it’s a problem sometimes, maybe I should start saying no a little more often. « 

 » There isn’t much you can do [pour ne pas être reconnu], apart from not going out! There are some things you can do to be a little more hidden from the limelight. But that’s part of the game, not just with Formula 1 drivers, but also with people getting famous and a little more popular in whatever sport they play. « 

Before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (penultimate round of the 2021 season), Lando Norris is in fifth place with 153 points scored since the start of the year.

F1 drivers ranking 2021

Pilot Team Points
Max Verstappen Red Bull 351.5
Lewis hamilton Mercedes 343.5
Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 203
Sergio Perez Red Bull 190
Lando norris Mclaren 153
Charles Leclerc Ferrari 152
Carlos Sainz Ferrari 145.5
Daniel Ricciardo Mclaren 105
Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 92
Fernando Alonso Alpine 77
Esteban Ocon Alpine 60
Sebastian vettel Aston Martin 43
Lance Stroll Aston Martin 34
Yuki tsunoda AlphaTauri 20
George russell Williams 16
Kimi Raikkonen Alfa romeo 10
Nicholas latifi Williams 7
Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa romeo 1
Nikita mazepin Haas 0
Mick schumacher Haas 0

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