« Nobody wants to attack him, he’s a gangster »

Some players in the league sometimes stand out more for their behavior than for their game exploits. One of them even has the reputation of a gangster, according to the fans! It must be said that the person concerned has been involved in several scuffles since the start of the season.

After a surprising start to the season which saw it squat the Western Conference podium for a while, the Jazz finally fell into line with a negative record at the moment (20-23, 11th). However, the squad of rookie coach Will Hardy remains interesting to see play, with in particular Lauri Markannen who bursts the screen (more than 24 points and 8 rebounds on average). We can also mention the good campaign of Jordan Clarkson… who however takes second place because of his attitude on the court.

Because if the Sixth Man of the Year 2021 is having his best career season based on more than 20 points and 4 assists per game, he stands out above all for his ability to start fights or at least to provoke his opponents. Faced with the Warriors and then the Grizzlies, he almost came to blows and this is not the first time that this has happened to him, he who already had a certain reputation since his debut at the Lakers:

Jordan Clarkson is hot-blooded at Jazz

Clearly seen in these images, Clarkson isn’t one to back down from a fight. On the contrary, his posture indicates each time that he would have no problem dealing blows! While the NBA has seen Killian Hayes split with an ultra-violent gesture recently, it inevitably makes fans talk. For the latter, there is no doubt that the guard is to be taken seriously and that we must not mess with him.

He lets his fists speak for him

Who’s gonna come after him? Clarkson is already a gangster

Note to future opponents of the Jazz: better not bother Jordan Clarkson too much. Not only is he on fire offensively in 2022-23, but he also looks ready to dish out some serious blows if the opportunity arises!

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