Noah aspires to become a professional footballer in England

20-year-old Noah Faubourg is from Reunion Island. Passionate about football, the young man flew to England to realize his dream: to become a professional footballer. He shares his experience with you in the #MOUNDOUVOU section on

It is in Reunion that Noah spent his childhood. He has always been passionate about soccer. A discipline that he wants to make his profession of.

Noah, a football fan

Noah, a young man of 20, grew up in the commune of Saint-Joseph. After obtaining his literary baccalaureate, he devoted himself completely to his project which is to evolve as a high-level footballer.

Thus, he put aside the studies and passed selections in Reunion to go on trial in Maidstone, in a football academy, in UK.

« It was one of my first experiences in the professional / semi-professional world and it allowed me to grow and motivated me even more for the future. »

After this adventure, the young man had the ambition to try his luck in Germany. He therefore applied for trials in a semi-professional club in Berlin : the CFB Dynamo.

« I passed the tests and they decided to keep me. Once I entered the football circuit in Berlin, it opened up a lot of doors for me to find other clubs afterwards. In addition, my first club was a very good reputation. I was in u18 at that time but was upgraded and trained and played often with the reserve of team 1. « 

Aware of the skills he must acquire, the young man then decided not to do his classes in u19 and to change clubs.

« I wanted to play a division below in order to have playing time and thus acquire more maturity in my game. »

« England is the land of football »

After his first experience in England after the baccalaureate, Noah dreamed of returning there.

« England, playing in England is a bit of a footballer’s dream. They have a sensational style of play and it is true that the first experience I had with England 3 years ago was to me. had dreamed. England is the country of football. « 

Noah finally flies to theEngland

He finally made the choice to return to the UK. Thanks to his first experience in the country at Maidstone, the young man did not pass any detections for his admission in the academy Parkview Academy of Sports.

« It turns out that Mr. Agathe, who was the coach who directed these detections and who is also a coach in this academy, already knew my qualities because it was he who had retained me the first time. My agent got in touch. with him, and they were able to send me straight to England, to Sunderland. « 

Noah’s agent plays a central role in his evolution. He also wished to thank him and his other coach who opened the doors to England.

« I would like to particularly thank my agent Frankie Quere who does a lot of work behind and accompanies me in my career. And also a thank you to my coach Didier Agathe for creating so many opportunities for us young people from Reunion. »

His intense daily life as a footballer

Although the young man is aware of the luck that has come to him in being in the sport high level, being away from your island and your family is not easy.

« My daily life is quite trying, physically in relation to training but also mentally because it is always difficult to be far from those close to you. »

The daily life of a footballer is not easy. With thphysical training, Noah has to be ready to move on. The young man plays at the position of midfielder.

« I train every day of the week, most of the time twice a day, sometimes just one session. We start early in the morning and end in the early afternoon. Most of the time we start. with field training and then we move on to indoor training (cardio, strength, etc.). We have the chance to finish early enough, which leaves us the rest of the day to recover. « 

The moments of recovery are essential in the life of a top-level athlete. According to Noah: « It’s one of the most important parts of a player’s development. Without recovery you can’t perform the next day. »

Relentless, the young man also trains in his spare time to increase his chances of success:

« Most of the time, I use my free time to practice again on the beach next to my house, to have an extra workload, and I recover after my 3rd training is finished. »

Spontaneous adaptation

Noah adapted very quickly to his new life and the fast pace.

« I have always been aware that to achieve my goals, you have to make sacrifices, even if it means being far from my relatives. Besides, my relatives are perfectly aware of it and support me 200%. »

Having lived abroad, the language barrier did not slow him down. Fluent speaking german and english, its integration went well.

« The English have always been friendly and welcoming to me, whether in the academy or elsewhere. Football is a universal language. »

His ambitions

One of his projects would be to sign in a great england club. Determined, Noah intends to increase his workload to get there.

« I have the determination and the necessary discipline. I will persevere on this path and fight to the end to make proud my loved ones who made a lot of sacrifices to get me here and who played a role major in advancing my career.  »

Will Noah be the next Dimitri Payet?

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