No Vasilije Micic in the NBA yet?

Winner of the Euroleague with Andaolu Efes, the Serbian leader Vasilije Micic was named Final Four and regular season MVP. His potential signing in the NBA has been rumored for two months and his agent Misko Raztanovic wanted to clarify the situation. He refuses to let his player go to the NBA to become a bench driver.

“He’s set to be a great player in the NBA, but I’m not sure that will happen this year. I will not let Micic go so that he has the same fate as Vassilis Spanoulis, that is to say stay on the bench ”Misko Raztanovic

According to him, the arrival of the European star in the NBA is not guaranteed. He first wants to obtain guarantees for his player in terms of playing time and responsibilities.

“Micić won’t leave until everything is perfect – maybe this year, maybe not,” said Raznatovic, according to Sasa Ozmo (via Twitter). “Everything is possible (for Vasilijie). If the NBA isn’t good enough and fair to it, the league will have to wait another year for Vasa. ”

Clarification that Vasilije Micic cannot present himself freely on the free agents market. He was drafted in 2014 by the Thunder at the 52nd position. For the moment, he can only negotiate with this franchise unless the latter transfers his Draft rights to another team.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible that Micic will join the OKC roster because the team lacks experienced players (23.2 average age). In addition, Micic is not subject to the rookie scale which allows the Thunder to sign it with a mid-level exception.

The Serbian point guard is running this season at 16.7 points, 2.6 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game. No doubt it will feed Oklahoma City’s lust.

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