No-pressure progression for Ja Morant’s Grizzlies

Most spectacular player on one of the most spectacular teams in the league, Ja Morant did the show during “Media Day”. The All-Star leader notably grabbed a camera to « shoot » the various journalists present, a way of displaying his relaxation at the dawn of a new season, which will begin this Saturday, with a first match. resumption in preseason against Milwaukee.

As for the goals, Ja Morant did not want to add additional pressure to his group, since the idea is to continue to shine in the shadow of the big teams in the league in the hope that the turn of the Grizzlies. As soon as possible.

“There is no pressure for us. We didn’t win the title, so for us it’s more about taking it to the next level, continuing to improve with a view to winning a championship title.he confided. “That doesn’t mean our vengeful side has to go away. You don’t say, ‘We got respect, fine, now we can rest.’ No, we have to go earn even more respect because there are still people who don’t believe in us”.

Without Jaren Jackson Jr, nor Danny Green

The speech remains substantially the same as in previous seasons, around this famous quest for respect. To reach the upper stage, Ja Morant insisted on underlining the state of mind of his troops.

“I am really proud of our group, for the seriousness with which we have approached this off-season and the one with which everyone has taken charge to progress. It will help us become a better team if everyone continues like this. » he said in particular.

Weakened by the departures of De’Anthony Melton (Sixers) and Kyle Anderson (Wolves), the Grizzlies will not start in full since Jaren Jackson Jr (fractured foot) will not yet be operational until December. Another absentee: Danny Green who broke two knee ligaments in the playoffs! But his presence is already appreciated.

“We are young, and he is a veteran. It’s part of his job, to be there for us, to empower us too. I have a feeling he is going to be of great help to us in these areas. And that’s what we need. »concluded Ja Morant about the three-time NBA champion.

For the rest, “See you for the Opening Night! »he launched.

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