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Geneva are a legitimate leader in the National League. Les Aigles dominated Friborg 5-2 at Vernets, while Lausanne suffered a third loss in a row, 3-0 in Bern.

Very good match proposed by the two teams in this first derby of the season. The people of Friborg certainly left the ice with the feeling of having been wronged by the referees, but in the end Geneva was a little more impactful than Fribourg.

The ire of Christian Dubé and his men originated in the 42nd minute when Noah Rod scored the decisive 3-2. What drove the Dragons’ bench crazy was the alleged offside position of a Geneva striker on the action. The referees spent time analyzing this sequence and did not have the certainty to reverse their basic idea. On slow motion, it seems to see white between the skate and the blue line, but the quality of the images is always problematic in this kind of situation.

The Dragons could however have returned to the game since in the 45th minute, Josh Jooris was sent back to the locker room for a knee injury according to the game directors. Freiburg unfortunately did nothing about this period of superiority. Galvanized to have held the score, the Eagles were able to beat Reto Berra twice by Smirnovs and Winnik. Good preparation before the Lake Geneva derby.

Lausanne is still digging

Lausanne, for its part, continues to put on a difficult spectacle for its supporters to watch. After suffering the law of Zurich and Rapperswil at home, the Lions were beaten by Bern in the capital.

John Fust’s men immediately felt that this evening would not be favorable to their plans. After three minutes, Sceviour found the loophole to open the scoring. Established on goal, Viktor Östlund had no chance on the shot. In the 15th, it was Scherwey who doubled the bet by bypassing the cage. The Bears took shelter from a possible Lausanne return to the 29th thanks to Vermin, a former member of the Lausanne house.

Unable to score for seven thirds, the Vaudois went through a very complicated pass. John Fust can count on Salomäki’s return from suspension on Saturday night against Geneva, but it will take more than the presence of the Finn to reverse the current trend. If the LHC does not put emotions in its game, it may well feel scorched for the Canadian-Swiss coach.

Biel or the almost reassembled

Ajoie fell on a tougher opponent this time than in the last two home matches. Against the Zurich Lions, the Jurassians had to admit defeat 4-0. Magnificent point of return this time in Porrentruy, the Ajoulots broke their teeth on goalkeeper Hrubec and against the Lions who did not take this meeting as a dilettante. Rikard Grönborg’s players made the difference in the third period by scoring three times.

Bienne and Rapperswil offered a breathtaking spectacle to the Saint-Galls public. The Lakers finally won 6-5, but the Seelanders did not go far from an incredible comeback. Led 5-1 in the 37th minute, the Bienne changed their face to come back on the heels of Rappi (5-4 in the 47th minute) thanks to an effective power-play. But Stefan Hedlund’s players regained a two-step lead thanks to the third goal from the untenable Nicklas Jensen. Yannick Rathgeb’s second goal a few seconds later was not enough.

Like Lausanne, Lugano is not doing well. And the victory in the Ticino derby on Tuesday did not change anything. Quickly leading 2-0 thanks to a brace from Thürkauf, the Bianconeri finally lost 5-4 at home against Kloten. Suffice to say that there too, the place of Chris McSorley wavers.

In the last match of the evening, Davos did what was necessary to dominate Langnau 3-1.

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