« No doubt, they are the 2 best players in the league »

NBA KD and Curry, MVP favorites?

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More than last year, the battle for the regular season MVP seems very indecisive at the moment. Nevertheless, a famous coach has appointed those he considers the two best basketball players in the league at the moment. Spoiler, 2020-21 winner not mentioned!

Now that all the franchises have passed the ten-game mark, we can look more specifically at the fight for the MVP. With 26 points, almost 14 rebounds and 6 assists per game, the defending champion Nikola Jokic is in any case left on a very solid basis. On paper, the competition around the Nugget, however, promised an exciting battle until the end of the regular season.

However, after a month of competition, most of the superstars announced are not yet quite at the expected level. Lebron james ? Absent until further notice due to injury. Joel embiid and Damian Lillard are far from their usual standards, while Giannis Antetokounmpo suffers from the poor record of the Bucks (6-8). In practice, the Serb can therefore legitimately claim his own succession.

Steve Kerr MVP favorites Kevin Durant and Steph Curry

Nevertheless, two players seem to stand out for the moment: Stephen curry and Kevin Durant. In any case, this is the opinion of Steve Kerr, who broached the subject at a press conference. For the coach of the Warriors, there is also no other possible option:

Yes, without a doubt, for me they have been the two best players in the league so far.

The former Bulls shooter is in a good position to speak to the two, being the former coach of the former and the former tactician of the latter, during his stint at Golden State. Beyond that, his argument stands: Curry, for example, has picked up where he left off last year, and is averaging 28 points at the start of the season. In its wake, the Dubs also have the best record in the league (11-2). So many elements that make him a suitable candidate for the Maurice Podoloff trophy.

As for the Slim Reaper, he is not left out either, even comfortably leading the league in scoring in front of the Chef (29.6 points per game). With 10 wins for 4 losses, Brooklyn is also not far from GS in terms of collective success. Add to that over 8 rebounds and 5 assists on average, and you have a particularly fleshed out stat line. Again, awarding him the title of best player would be quite logical.

Importantly, the two superstars must also do without one of their main lieutenants, respectively Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving. If Uncle Drew is not about to see the courts again, still refusing to be vaccinated, the No. 11 Bay is expected to return soon. Whether this can affect Curry’s performance remains to be seen. In that case, KD could gain a significant advantage if their Nets keep up the current pace.

Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant, take your pick. One thing is certain, we have good candidates here for the MVP! Beware, however, of Niko Jokic, who has not said his last word on the subject.

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