no doubt, the NBA this season is the jungle!

The 2021-22 NBA season has resumed for just a month and a week, and the battle within the two conferences is already epic. Indeed, when we take a look at the standings on November 25, we see that 2/3 of the teams in the League have at least one balance sheet.

This is a tweet from Stats By STATS who put us on the alert. While traveling the world of the blue bird this morning after the night’s games, we came across this rather striking observation compared to the start of the season: of the 30 teams competing, 20 are at least 50% victory, a first in NBA history after at least 15 games if we believe SBS. In the West as in the East, we have ten franchises with at least one balance sheet. The 10th in the West is Minnesota with nine wins for nine losses (tied with Denver and Memphis). On the other side of the country, it’s Boston, with ten wins for nine losses since the restart (tied with Atlanta and Philadelphia). While we used to see the Western Conference looking like the Wild West with a lot of very competitive franchises at the same time, it ist the East which seems to be coming back in force at the start of the season with no less than five teams with at least 60% victory (against three in the West), namely Brooklyn (14-5), Miami (12-7), Chicago (12-7), Washington (11-7) and Charlotte (12-8). And when we know that the Bucks – reigning champions – are only warming up (11-8) and that we expect better from the Hawks, the Celtics or even the Knicks (10-8), we tell ourselves that the battle will really rage everything throughout the season.

Source: ESPN

20 out of 30 teams is also the number of franchises that can qualify for the Playoffs thanks to the new NBA system including the play-in tournament. Coincidence? Probably not. Last year, we had already seen how the implementation of the play-in could boost the end of the regular season in terms of competition and issues. In today’s NBA, few franchises find themselves in a real rebuilding situation. There is the Thunder, there is Houston, there is Detroit and there is Orlando, four teams that do the job very well when it comes to leaving wins to the competition (16-57 record in combined) . We can possibly add the Spurs if we want. But if not, it plays at least a place in the play-in tournament. This is the case of the Wolves in particular, who are today on five consecutive victories. This is also the case for other teams which are not even in the Top 10 of their conference at the moment T, like the Cavaliers for example, or the Kings and the Pelicans despite their slammed results. We do not forget either the Raptors and the Pacers, respectively 12th and 13th in the East while they can pose problems to anyone with the talent they have in the workforce. All that to say that the NBA is today in a cycle where parity really seems to have its place, where the competitive aspect is well marked and where there is a certain uncertainty from one night to the next. And frankly, this is not to displease us. Already because the NBA has not always been so open, especially at the top of the table and in particular in the era of superteams in recent years. Do you remember when that announced Nets – Lakers in the Finals before the resumption? Today, those who bet on it are a little less serene with the absence of Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn side and the galleys of the gang at LeBron. And then because we know that the classification can move very quickly in the event of a big series of victories or a terrible chain of defeats. Enough to make the regular season exciting from start to finish, which is not the case every year, we must admit. Battle for the podium, battle for the Top 6, battle to obtain a favorable table in Playoffs, battle for the play-in tournament… clearly it’s the jungle!

The 2021-22 season is exciting for now, and we can’t wait to see what it will hold in store for us in the weeks and months to come. Things happen every night, there are teams that represent nice surprises while some favorites fumble, and you hardly ever get bored. Hope it lasts !

Text source: Stats By STATS

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