no compulsory vaccine for players, but large rods in the nose before each match

NBA leaders and the players’ association have been discussing the COVID protocol for the coming season for several weeks, and there is some news on the ongoing negotiations. The League has indeed bowed to the will of the NBPA, which refuses to force players to be vaccinated for the start of the school year.

While we would have expected seeing the multiple more or less strict protocols put in place by Adam Silver and his friends for over a year, the leaders of the Great League will ultimately not force players to be vaccinated to resume the season on October 19. The asso chaired by CJ McCollum has indeed refused to move on the subject of the vaccination obligation according to ESPN. Unlike referees and other staff members, therefore, the NBPA has decided to stand up to the great brains of the League. The only players who will therefore have to receive the vaccine are those of the Nets, Knicks and Warriors to play at home, this obligation coming from local authorities. In any case, most players do not seem reluctant to anti-COVID sera since 85% of them would be vaccinated according to the sources. The news of the day comes to us in any case from the duo Baxter Holmes and Adrian Wojnarowski (still him):

According to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, the decision of the NBPA was made  » despite the hopes of the NBA ”. The players are therefore not obliged to be vaccinated but it is clear that those who are will spend a much quieter season compared to those who refuse. As a reminder, the protocol still under discussion indicates, for example, that non-vaccinated players will be kept away from the majority during journeys (plane and bus), meals and team meetings. Even the vax and non-vax lockers will be kept away in the changing rooms. In the event that they are in contact or show symptoms of COVID, an unvaccinated person will have to isolate themselves for a week while a vaccinated person will simply have to be tested. By not forcing its major players to be vaccinated, the NBA is thus aligning itself with the other major American leagues (MLB, NHL, NFL). Finally, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the NBA also informed unvaccinated players that they will have to provide a PCR clean test on travel and / or training days but two negative results on game days.

Although it is strongly recommended and that players are strongly encouraged to do so, vaccination is therefore not mandatory in the country of Adam Silver. It was a non-negotiable point for the players’ association, and the NBA commish therefore had to side with it. For once.

Text source: ESPN, The Associated Press, The Athletic

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