No circuit favorable to Red Bull or Mercedes by the end of 2021?

With seven rounds remaining on the 2021 Formula 1 calendar, the fight for the world title between Lewis hamilton and Max Verstappen is still very tight since only two points separate the two pilots. However, the context seems rather favorable to the clan Red bull racing which, on two paths reputed to rely on the forces of Mercedes W12, greatly limited the damage by losing « only » five points for the pilots. On the other hand, on the constructors’ side, the red bull now has 33 points on the star mark, against 12 before Monza.

In this close fight between the two structures and their respective leaders, some are trying to predict who will have an advantage where. And for Christian Horner, director of Red Bull, it is now almost impossible to be affirmative for the remaining rounds. « I don’t think there is any home circuit that stands out as strongly as Russia and Monza. »

“Of course Mercedes will be strong in Turkey, they won there last year. But then we go to Austin, where we should be at about the same level, and Brazil or Mexico, where we have always been strong. « 

« We don’t know anything about Qatar, we don’t know anything about Jeddah. And then it’s Abu Dhabi. So we can say it’s 50/50 on what is left, about what will favor slightly one team more than another. « 

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Toto Wolff, executive director of Mercedes, agrees with his counterpart and even explains that being affirmative on the presumed advantage of this or that team on the basis of previous races does not guarantee anything.

« I stopped trying to anticipate if this is a good race for us historically, because everything changes with the new rules. Sure, we knew Monza and Sochi would go our way more, but the the reality is that we are where we are, and the point spread is as it is. « 

« I doubt either team can make big gaps, it’s just a matter of continuing to do the best job possible. But I don’t think any driver or team can feel comfortable in the race. current situation, because there is simply no gap in terms of points. « 

Of course, one of the big questions at the end of the season will be whether Lewis Hamilton is going to have to be penalized for using a fourth engine, as the other three drivers from the two top teams before him did, and if yes, on what track. Max Verstappen, who changed his engine in Russia and started last, greatly limited the damage by finishing second, behind the Briton.

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