Nissan unveils impressive lineup of concept cars at SEMA Show 2022


2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z
2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z

The 2022 SEMA Show, which takes place in Las Vegas from November 1 to 4, is an opportunity for Nissan to present several concept cars derived from 100% electric, sporty and off-road Nissan models that will inspire owners to customize their own vehicles. for even more fun.

The Nissan Thrill Street exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center features seven different vehicles and two « walls » of NISMO parts and accessories that allow owners to customize their vehicles.

Electrified Creativity

Committed to 100% electric mobility accessible to all, Nissan, in partnership with the company Tommy Pike Custom (TPC), presents two 100% electric concept cars demonstrating how motoring passion can thrive in a more electric future

The first concept car is the Nissan Sunny LEAF, a 1987 Sunny collector pick-up, owned by TPC, owned by Tommy Pike, equipped with a 100% electric Nissan LEAF engine, with a 40kWh lithium-ion battery. With 150hp and 320Nm, the LEAF’s engine is approximately twice as powerful with three times the torque of the original four-cylinder petrol engine block. Nissan Sunny.

The concept car Nissan Ariya Surfwagon also combines retro design with modern technology, transforming the all-new all-electric Ariya crossover into a “beach-style surf wagon,” complete with wood-panel “woody” body cladding and other accessories. Designed to fuel dreams and inspire electric vehicle owners to personalize their vehicles to suit their lifestyle. The concept car was created by Tommy Pike Customs, a South Carolina-based auto restoration shop for Nissan, and designed to catch the eye with its vinyl-clad body adorned with wood paneling and chrome reminiscent of bicycles. Beach Cruisers of yesteryear.

The Ariya Surfwagon concept features 20” Smoothie rims with stainless steel wheel centers surrounded by white sidewalls. Surfboards suspended from customized roof bars and a revised bumper complete this decor.

The Frontier Without Borders

Recently restyled, the Nissan Frontier pick-up available on the American market is already inspiring many transformations intended to adapt it to the personality of its owners and their favorite activities. Two concept cars on display at SEMA illustrate different ways to reinvent the Frontier.

The concept car NISMO Off-Road Frontier V8, made by Forsberg Racing, pushes the Frontier to the extreme with a Nissan TITAN V8 engine, equipped with special NISMO Off-Road exhaust. The pickup also features a unique off-road suspension system consisting of components to raise the chassis and improve load capacity.

The Frontier concept also receives a large body kit with extensions and several NISMO Off-Road parts, including a pair of carbon fiber front fenders and hood, in addition to a prototype NISMO Off Road front bumper for an improved angle of attack and clearing ability.

At the other end of the spectrum, passionate Nissan influencer Christina Roki presents the project Frontier Street Truck. Based on a 2022 Nissan Frontier King Cab S with a modified and lowered body, featuring exclusive wheels, Christina Roki’s Frontier nods to the « mini truckin » fashion of the 90s. Find the project Frontier Street Truck by Christina Roki as well as her other personalization projects on her Instagram, TikTok and Youtube accounts.

The many faces of the Nissan Z

Like every Nissan Z before it, the 2023 Nissan Z is an ideal base for passionate drivers who want to personalize their sports car and rely on its strong personality to give it additional performance.

2023 Z owners and fans will be especially intrigued by the concept car NISMO Accessorized Zwhich incorporates many new NISMO components and Genuine Accessories that will be available to Nissan Z customers. These items will appeal to drivers looking to personalize their Z.

The list of Z parts and accessories starts with a NISMO twin-tube shock kit, new spring system and height-adjustable suspension. This suspension kit was developed by driver Bryan Heitkotter, 2011 US Nissan GT Academy Champion who went on to start a superb motor racing career with Nissan and now with Chris Forsberg Racing.

For fans of all things drifting, the Z2023 Formula Drift Chris Forsberg’s 1,300hp engine shows how the new Nissan Z can compete in the adrenaline-pumping world of Formula Drift. This concept car builds on Forsberg Racing’s rich experience in developing high-powered, highly competitive drift cars

The Forsberg Racing team worked with Nissan and NISMO on a 370Z, used by Forsberg Racing in drift competitions in the past, fitting it with an extensively modified VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 engine to deliver 1,300hp. Modifications have also been made to the bodywork of this concept car in order to prepare it for Formula Drift competitions in the United States.

Finally, Nissan’s booth at the SEMA Show will host the first public outing of the Nissan Z GT4, a race car that will hit the tracks in 2023 to continue upholding the Z’s prestigious motorsport heritage. The Nissan Z GT4 – and more information about Nissan’s 2023 competition program – was revealed at a special event, which took place at the Nissan booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall on November 1.


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