Ninkasi: The beer burger music concept is spreading in France

Beer, burger, music: Ninkasi’s winning trilogy

Sip a craft beer brewed from natural ingredients, taste a generous burger, sing the chorus of a song in time with the artist on stage… So many memorable experiences, but usually reserved for very distinct and separated. In the mid-1990s, the young Christophe Fargier made an extended trip to the United States. He quickly fell in love with the world of microbreweries, combining brewing tradition, on-site catering and daily concert programming. As soon as he graduated from USC Saint-Étienne, he teamed up with an American comrade to import the concept to France.

The first Ninkasi was born in 1997, in the heart of Lyon. The atypical brand quickly became a major attraction for a festive and urban clientele, gathered around simple values: conviviality, proximity, diversity and a certain taste for authenticity.

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The formula, in fact, has all the arguments to seduce with:

  • Of the craft beers and french whiskeys from the know-how of the Ninkasi brand, brewed and distilled in an « in-house » factory located in Tarare;
  • A full catering offer and gourmet, wanting to be both responsible and daring by focusing on local ingredients from partner producers;
  • Many concerts and live entertainment in all of the brand’s establishments, with hundreds of events offered each year by 90% local artists.

Christopher Fargier, Founding Director of Ninkasi: « We are determined to be a humanist company that puts the individual at the heart of its concerns, a corporate citizen that is part of the life of the city as places of life, discovery and exchanges. »

Ninkasi therefore sees itself as a place of mixing in every sense of the word, by promoting the emergence of friendly places.

A rapidly expanding franchise

The month of September 2022 should be symbolic in more ways than one for Ninkasi. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the chain should also celebrate the opening of its 25th establishment. Although the company owns about ten establishments, it relies today above all on the external contribution of capital and recruiting new franchisees to continue its development.

The conditions offered to interested investors are also rather attractive. With an average annual turnover recorded of 1.3 million euros per establishment, the operation could represent a real opportunity for professionals in cafés, hotels and restaurants.

The brand’s location strategy exclusively targets catchment areas with at least 30,000 inhabitants. Ninkasi particularly targets cities with a high student population, but also business or more residential districts.

The specifications include, in particular:

  • A franchise agreement for a period of seven years;
  • An entrance fee an amount of €45,000 excluding tax, initial training included;
  • A personal contribution a minimum amount of €250,000;
  • A service fee amounting to 4% of turnover;
  • A communication fee 1.5%;
  • A music royalty 1.5%.

With its concept combining craft beer, catering and music, the Ninkasi franchise has no other equivalent in France. The network, on the strength of its success, should thus continue its development and gradually establish itself in many student cities over the years to come.

Ninkasi: The beer burger music concept is spreading in France

Ninkasi: The beer burger music concept is spreading in France


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