nine new points withdrawn in Derby County

In the grip of big financial worries, Derby County is far from having finished with the difficulties. The English second division club saw the English Football League (EFL) take nine points in the standings on Tuesday. A sanction in addition to the twelve points already deducted from the club.

The nightmare continues for Derby County. Due to big financial concerns, the Championship club is going through a very complicated season. Last September, Wayne Ronney, who is the coach of the team, saw the English Football League (EFL) take 12 points from the English team.

This Tuesday the English club saw its sentence worsen, since the English body announced that nine additional units would be withdrawn from the last of the championship. Via a statement, the EFL also indicated the rejection of the appeal for the 12 points withdrawn a few months ago: « The club via its administrators also accepted the rejection of its appeal against the deduction of 12 points imposed on the following the entry of the club into the administration in September 2021 « .

In total, Derby County has been stripped of 21 points since the start of the season. The chances of Wayne Rooney’s formation to stay in the English second division are therefore very slim.

EFL explains these sanctions

Faced with these heavy sanctions, the EFL has in its press release, explained the reasons for these measures via the director general Trevor Birch: « The objective of the EFL throughout this ongoing process has been to ensure that the principles of the rules were respected on behalf of all clubs « .

Despite this, the English body ensures that they are ready to work with the leaders of Derby County so that the future of the club is not in jeopardy: « The League is satisfied with the agreed result and the sensible approach adopted by both parties (EFL and Derby County) to negotiate this outcome and with respect to the withdrawal of the appeal. Our goal is to continue to work with the co-administrators to help them secure a long-term future for the club « .

With this sanction, the formation of the English second division sees its points drop to -3.

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