“Nikola Jokic? He’s going to overtake this Hall of Famer, the guy is way too overrated. »


At the dawn of the NBA Finals, Nikola Jokic is about to experience an unprecedented moment in his career. At the end of an absolutely crazy playoff campaign, he therefore has the opportunity to open his collective trophy cabinet. In this case, he would surpass several Hall of Famers according to a consultant…

With Nikola Jokic, the adjectives end up running out to describe the performances with which he gratifies us. If we thought that his regular season was already revealing enough of his incredible level, the playoffs finally gave him the opportunity to do even more. With almost 30 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists on average, the Serb is simply historic, and the upcoming series against Miami could punctuate everything beautifully.

By facing the Heat in the NBA Finals, he has before him the best opportunity of his career to win a championship ring. Collective distinctions are an integral part of the criteria for climbing the famous all-time hierarchy, and if he were to win by continuing on this path, the consultant of Fox Sports Chris Broussard considers he would surpass many league legends, including Charles Barkley and Dirk Nowitzki…

In case of a ring, Jokic ahead of Barkley and Dirk?

In the NBA, approaching a triple-double average season is not given to everyone. So, when the one who achieves this performance is a pivot, who has already won two MVP titles and who is going towards a championship title, we obviously go beyond understanding. Chris Broussard therefore affirms without flinching on FS1 that by beating the Heat, Nikola Jokic would surpass huge names in championship history:

If Nikola Jokic ever wins this title, he will overtake Kevin Garnett. And probably Charles Barkley too. Barkey is a guy I adore, but Jokic leads his team to a title with mind-blowing stats. I also think he’s better than Dirk Nowitzki, period. He’s going to overtake Dirk because the guy is way too overrated by people.

Dirk has an MVP and a championship title. Jokic has two MVP titles and he can go for the same title! He’s a better rebounder and Dirk wasn’t much of a defender. As for Kevin Durant, I think we still have to wait a little bit before he overtakes him. On the other hand, when Jokic’s career is over, he will surely be ahead of KD.

Before moving forward, we will obviously wait to see what the series against Miami will give. In the event of a title, it is however true that the Joker would begin to enter into serious discussions concerning the greatest players in history. Knowing his I don’t care about individual recognitionhowever, we suspect that it will be 100% focused on the objective of the title which remains above all collective…

He is already legendary, but he can now surpass several icons of the game. Nikola Jokic has indeed the opportunity to make everyone agree on him by beating Miami. These NBA Finals therefore have multiple challenges, but that of offering his first ring to Denver probably remains the main one for the Serb.


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