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Since March 12, the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena has been celebrating the seventy-five years of the brand. A wide panorama of icons retraces the great hours of Ferrari’s industrial history and sporting history.

 » Ferrari forever shows both the 365 GTB-4 Daytona and the 375 Plus of the Carrera Panamericana, as well as the Dino 246 GTS and the victorious 250 P at Le Mans.

A great opportunity to return to the premises of the Foundation Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari. The museum was inaugurated on March 9, 2012, erected next to the birthplace of the Commendatore, in the center of Modena, at 85 via Paolo Ferrari.

An exhibition to celebrate 75 years of Ferrari.
An exhibition to celebrate 75 years of Ferrari.

Three years after the death of the architect who had designed it: the Czech Jan Kaplický, the creator in the 1980s of Future Systems, a group of architects based in London.

It was his partner, Andrea Morgante, who had taken up the torch and ensured the final realization, and, in particular, of the interior architecture.

A very eclectic selection.
A very eclectic selection.

The museum was originally a simple, long brick building with a tiled roof, as high as it was wide and flanked by an austere two-storey dwelling house. It dates from the 1830s and owes its rustic appearance to the agricultural tradition of Emilia-Romagna. Enzo Ferrari was born there in 1898.

The municipality bought the adjoining land to develop its cultural center dedicated to the automobile. Winner of the call for tenders, the Czech architect Jan Kaplický designed a futuristic half-buried structure, topped with a gigantic aluminum hood whose vents are sources of natural light.

The vast plateau where the jewels are presented is gently sloping. The visitor, encapsulated between the ceiling and the floor on an unusual scale and in a reassuring luminosity, feels in a state of weightlessness with a disconcerting freedom to roam in an abolished chronology.

Written in eternity...
Written in eternity…

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