Nicolas Gomar (AGS Events): « Coming to GT3 is another sport »


Nicolas Gomar did not experience a quiet winter. Between the preparation of the two programs and the launch of the GT3 project, the days were busy in the AGS Events camp. Imola marks the very first meeting of Nicolas Gomar, Mike Parisy and Loris Cabirou in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 which runs in the Gold Cup. Before the first tests, Nicolas Gomar gave an update on the preparation of the GT3 program.

How is the debut of AGS Events in GT3 going?

“Before Imola, we completed around 600 km, or 200 km per driver, which is to say nothing. First there was the first run, then a few minor problems when we were young which disrupted our plan quite a bit. For this program, we have recruited people from various backgrounds. Everything is completely separate from GT4 with a really independent structure. Coming to GT3 is another sport, especially when you make bank transfers (laughs). It takes almost three times as many people. It’s a different investment and a different profile of people. In five months, we had to buy all the equipment. Everything was planned over 8 weeks but we are more between 12 and 16 knowing that everything is not not arrived yet. »

It’s a new adventure for AGS Events…

« I realize that we are tackling a big chunk. This new Gold Cup is a healthier category than the Pro-Am was in 2021. We are allowed to ride in that world. I am not not too worried about the crew. Mike’s lap times are very good, Loris is quite close to Mike and for my part I am between 1.2s and 1.7s from Mike. The GT3 version of the Huracan is the big sister of the Super Trofeo. What worries me are more the 52 cars because now we will have to put everything to music on the track. »

The environment of the series is still known…

« I know GT3 and endurance but without being a player in it. At some point, you have to go there and nothing replaces racing. I have a little stress even if it’s not my profile. « Being stressed. The Aston Martin GT4 program is running on its own because we are attacking our third year. With the GT3, I feel like I am going into battle with a Swiss army knife and a pair of glasses. »

What will your role be on the GT4 European Series programme?

« Mike will coach the youngsters on the GT4 during the race weekends. My role will rather be to help with the car settings. I warned everyone that the bulk of the season for me was the GT3 The last time we ran two different chassis, it was in the Mitjet with the 2.0 and the Supertourism. We tell ourselves that if the others can do it, then why not us. The objective is to be in the action, not reaction.

AGS Events intends to register for the duration in GT3?

« The plan is not to come to GT3 but to stay there with the desire to run three cars in 2023 via the establishment of a sector to put young people there. We are trying to have an offer Pro-Am, Silver, Gold. We could have run two cars this year because it’s easier to attract customers the first year when you start from nothing. We will be judged at the end of the season for 2023. The pressure is more important in GT3 because you can’t control everything. It’s quite exciting but my biggest fault is impatience, which is quite contradictory. »

A single championship in GT3 is the right solution to start?

« Our desire was to compete in the Sprint and the Endurance but the Sprint project was aborted. I think that the Sprint is yet another sport. Perhaps we will compete in Misano in the Sprint because we will be there with the GT4s. In 2023 , the plan is to have at least one car in Sprint and one in Endurance, or even two in Endurance with one in Pro-Am and one in Gold.We should also compete in the Road to Le Mans this year before the Asian Le Le Mans Series next season. We are already working on the file. As for the 24 Hours of Spa, a driver from the team will complete the crew. »


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