Nicolas Batum’s cash message on the Clippers


Now a locker room executive in Los Angeles, Nicolas Batum can afford to give voice to the Clippers. He also released a big exit on the level of play of his family, recently! All with a small self-inflicted spike.

If the resumption of competition was complicated for the Clippers, everything has been much better in recent days. With 4 consecutive victories, Tyronn Lue’s men catapulted into the Top 8 of the Western Conference, now posting a positive record (5-4). The regain of form was also confirmed in the last match, with a great victory against the Hornets (120-106) which saw the birth of a controversy around LaMelo Ball.

What will please in France is that Nicolas Batum was also at the party. The French thus made a very good copy against Charlotte (16 points at 6/11, 6 rebounds and 3 interceptions). The n ° 33 has also reacted to the success of his people on social networks, welcoming the performance of Californians in a short Twitter post:

Nicolas Batum points to the Clippers’ investment

Superb victory tonight. It’s great to see us play well when we want to…

An interesting message, because he is not devoid of criticism towards his own team. As Batman suggests, the Sailboats would not have given their all in some of their games, which earned them a few losses early in the year. We can also cite the historic match against Wolves, even if it was won. Indeed, we must not forget that LA was anything but convincing in the first half …

And in fact, there is indeed still some room for improvement for the Angelinos. Right now they’re just 18ᵉ in the league in scoring with 107 points per game. Obviously, the prolonged absence of Kawhi leonard weighs in the balance, but we can expect more from this team. It will especially be necessary to adjust the sight, with less than 44% of the shooting of which less than 35% behind the arc.

On the other hand, where Paul George & co. are already super-hot, it’s on the other side of the field. With the fifth NBA defense in points conceded, the Clipp’s are not an easy fortress to take. The adage « defense wins the titles » may well come in handy this year, especially while waiting for The Klaw to return. If they continue to limit the opposing attacks, then they will be very complicated to play in the post-season.

All is not yet perfect at the Clippers, but the current trend is very encouraging. Let’s hope for Nico Batum that the Californians manage to keep up the pace until the playoffs!


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