Nicolas Batum challenges 3 ministers on a thorny issue

Nicolas Batum has been in the United States for more than a decade, but he still keeps an eye on the news of the orange ball in France. And revolted by the fate reserved for a legendary club, he did not hesitate to call on 3 ministers to make things happen!

Nicolas Batum has been more than a simple NBA player for several years now, more than the captain of the France team, he is also a renowned leader in France. Associated with his great friend Tony Parker, Batman currently occupies the role of director of basketball operations at ASVEL, a club he must raise to the rank of European reference! The mission is demanding, but for the moment he is maneuvering very well.

But the Clippers player is not self-centered, and he is also involved in issues that do not concern his club. He loves basketball above all, and he is ready to do anything to defend the interests of the orange ball in France. It is therefore no coincidence to see him involved in defending USO Mondeville! Two years after the club’s descent into the Women’s League 2, the leaders are, in accordance with the regulations, forced to close one of the most beautiful training centers in the country, something Batman does not accept.

In France, a Ligue Féminine 2 club cannot have a training center. But thanks to the history of the Norman club, a two-year exemption was offered to the leaders to try to find the elite… Two seasons marked by the health crisis! So inevitably, Nicolas Batum wants to offer more time to the flagship of the French training to save himself. After this letter to Marlène Schiappa and Roxana Maracineanu, he also retweeted this request from journalist Virginie Phulpin to Jean-Michel Blanquer.

What the club is asking for is just that the rector of the Normandy Academy grants him a year of reprieve to find the elite and save the training center. So yes I appeal to Jean-Michel Blanquer to defend Mondeville. We are not going to prepare for Paris 2024 by eliminating one of the structures that trains the best basketball players in the country.

Nicolas Batum wants to save the training center of USO Mondeville, and he is ready to call on ministers to achieve this. It must be recognized that such an important club in the proper functioning of the French women’s team deserves this mobilization!

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