Nico Batum’s crazy prediction for Victor Wembanyama!

Victor Wembanyama is set to splurge once he’s an NBA player, with his French counterparts to closely monitor his performance. Nicolas Batum has also allowed himself a rather crazy prognosis on the pivot, which should panic observers.

Before he came to play against Team Ignite in the United States, some still had some lingering doubts about Victor Wembanyama. But these were literally swept away by the nugget from Boulogne-Levallois, who dropped two masterclasses against the G League team thus putting stars in the eyes of the public across the Atlantic. Since then, his name has been on everyone’s lips and the experts are convinced: the first pick of the 2023 draft belongs to him alone.

This is obviously a boon for French basketball, which has its next figure there in order to take over from its elders, including in the national team. But according to Nicolas Batum, who spoke about the big man with Yahoo Sports, the ambitions of the man should in no case stop there. Knowing him well because being co-president of ASVEL, with whom the V evolved in 2021-22, the sky is the limit for the young boy:

I’m not saying he’s the next French basketball star, he’s the next basketball star, period, in my opinion. For French basketball, there was me, Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobert. But when I say next star, I’m talking about the entire basketball world. The buzz for him is similar to that around the arrival of Luka Doncic Four years ago. It’s kind of the same hype in my opinion. Then he’s no ordinary 18-year-old kid. He has the mindset of someone 25 years old.

Of course, we can still ask questions about his resistance to contact in the big league, because the Mets player is very slender and will find himself facing real racket monsters. But no worries according to Batum, who also recalls that the person concerned is still only 18 years old… and that his growth curve is therefore not yet over. What push him to let go of a delusional prediction:

Victor Wembanyama soon at 2m30?!

He just needs to prepare his body. He is still young physically. Mentally he is ready. I know the training program he follows. I know his trainer. His coach is the one I had in the French national team before being drafted. So he is in good hands. He just has to prepare his body for the big show because the guys are waiting for him. He has high expectations. Getting stronger is the key. It has already strengthened this summer.

He measures 2m24. Great ones take time to develop. Scoot Henderson is already ready. You put him on a team tomorrow and he’s going to be good straight away. His body is ready because he is 1m93 tall. This kid is great, by the way. Oh my God. I didn’t know him before. I was shocked. But for Vic, the potential is incredible. He is 2m24. He may not have finished growing. He could finish at 2m31. Who knows ?

Victor Wembanyama is still far from being a finished product, such is the warning of Nicolas Batum. And if the Boulogne-Levallois pivot continues to grow (both in game and in size), then who knows if he will have limits…

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