Nick Suzuki just three « points » from Patrice Bergeron

I have always been a fanatic of “NHL” games made by EA Sports. I spent hours on this in my youth…

Except that it doesn’t appeal to me like it used to. Yes, it’s fun once in a while, but nothing more. I lost interest, let’s put it that way. And that’s correct!

As every year, EA quietly reveals the different odds established for the different NHL players. Colleague Jérémie Lussier rightly wrote on the subject last night, reporting that Cole Caufield has an overall score of 84 and Juraj Slafkovsky’s is set at 78.

For the moment. Because yes, the odds can change during the season depending on the performance of the guys.

Today, we know more about the rating of some players at CH. We see in the Tweet below the different ratings of the players, and we note that that of Nick Suzuki goes up to 86:

It’s interesting. Note that the ratings are not established on the performance of the players, but on their skills.

And, what’s cool, is to see that Suzuki is only three « points » from the top-10 of the best centers in the game. Patrice Bergeron (89) comes in tenth, while the other centers league stars are higher:

I thought it was cool to make the comparison between Bergeron and Suzuki, because they are two players who are a bit alike and who have often been compared. And, Nick confided on several occasions that he modeled his game author of that of the Quebecer, so here it is.

We agree on the fact that there is a difference between a rating of 86 and 89. There will be guys between Suzuki and Bergeron, but hey. I repeat: it could change during the season. If Suzuki has a strong start to the campaign, it could very well climb a few points and move up the rankings Game.

We’ll see, as the other would say!

The fastest player ratings were also released today. Should we be surprised to see Connor McDavid being installed at number one? Not really, no…

When will the Canadian have a player in one of these honors? There is the question.

The young people in the organization have the potential to be great, so let’s wait and see in a few years to see where we are with all that.

A lot of

– A roster brimming with talent.

– Obviously.

– I like!

– Will they make it?

– The end for Miguel Andujar with the Yankees.

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