Nick Suzuki and Other NHL Players Show Up, ‘NFL Style’

The NFL and TV stations have a history of presenting starting lineups theatrically. Thanks to an electrifying montage, the members of the defensive and offensive units introduce themselves in turn, proudly specifying the university where they studied. It puts us in the bath, we like that.

Every time, some players seem to put too much, while others clearly do not want to lend themselves to the exercise.

Some examples :

You may have recognized the duo Key & Peele. It’s a parody (even a classic already), but it’s not that far from reality.

The NHL, football version

And if the NHL asked its representatives to imitate football players, what could it look like?

Guinea pigs have agreed to play the game.

Nick Suzuki cuts a fine figure, but Cale Makar, Trevor Zegras and Matthew Tkachuk, wow. They are naturals.

(Credit: @nhl/IG)

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