Nick Schmaltz has 11 points in 2 games. 11. Stitches. In. 2. Matches.

If you see someone making a wild comeback in your hockey pool, it’s definitely because they have Nick Schmaltz on their team.

The Arizona Coyotes player has scored 11 points in his last two games!

I repeat: 11 points!

If ever one of my players manages to do that at NHL 22, I raise the difficulty level immediately.

Absurd dominance

When Schmaltz had 2 goals and 5 assists against the Ottawa Senators on March 5, we all thought he had had the game of his life. This is indeed the case.

But we had no idea he was going to hit 2 goals and 2 assists against the Detroit Red Wings yesterday!

Did he take advantage of power play appearances to inflate his stats? Not even.

9 of his 11 points came at 5-5.

Mario Lemieux and others

In the past 35 years, Nick Schmaltz has become only the 6th player to score 11 or more points in 2 games. There were also Jarri Kurri, Jaromir Jagr, Sam Gagner, Bernie Nicholls and Mario Lemieux.

In fact, Lemieux has done it 5 times. Only that.

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As you can see, Lemieux and Nicholls are tied for 12 points. What’s most fascinating is that the two did it a month and a half apart. Imagine Mario Lemieux happy to make 12 points in two games and six weeks later, Bernie Nicholls is going to do the same thing…

But by the way, who holds the record? Peter and Anton Stastny!

On February 20, 1980, the two brothers had 3 goals and 3 assists in a 9-3 win for the Quebec Nordiques against the Vancouver Canucks.

Then two days later, on February 22, 1980, Peter had 4 goals and 4 assists while Anton had 3 goals and 5 assists in an 11-7 win over the Washington Capitals.

Yes, the goalies who faced the Nordiques were (INSERT WORDS YOU WANT HERE).

So with 14 points in two games, the Stastny brothers are on top!

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