Niang admits it: his failed transfer to Marseille precipitated his fall at Stade Rennais!

Very close to joining OM twice in 2020, M’Baye Niang never saw his dream come true. While he shone with Stade Rennais, the 27-year-old striker is now trying to revive himself in Bordeaux. A situation that he explained in the columns of the South West.

“This episode broke something. I didn’t hide. The least we could do was to tell the truth, not to sneak a shot, so that the club had time to turn around. Some told me that Rennes were playing in the Champions League but I didn’t leave because Rennes sucked. I’ve always wanted to play for Marseille, I’ve always said that. I felt it was time for me. I had a discussion with Zubizarreta, the sports director.

When that didn’t happen, for X or Y reasons, I felt that in Rennes, people no longer looked at me the same way. It didn’t bother me at first, I played again, but in January I felt it was the end. I no longer had the flame “, Niang explained in the columns of the Sud Ouest newspaper.

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