NHL: Will the Arizona Coyotes move?


Having to obtain the approval of the City of Tempe in order to implement their project to build a new arena of around 16,000 seats, the Arizona Coyotes are said to be very concerned about the outcome of a referendum scheduled for 16 May, a result that could determine their future sooner than expected.

The subject of the future of the lame National Hockey League (NHL) franchise has been the subject of endless rumors for more than a decade. Driven from her former home in Glendale and having to find an alternative by the end of the construction of her entertainment complex, she signed a contract to play at Mullett Arena, where approximately 4,600 people per match attended her local matches. this season. The pact valid until the end of 2023-2024 also includes an option for the following year, but plans could change if the people of Tempe decide unfavorably in a few weeks.

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For example, journalist Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff site told the Sportsnet 960 radio station that the Coyotes have asked members of the management to go door to door in order to convince residents of the well-being sector. basis of their actions and the importance of their vote.

Stating that the work on the ground began in recent weeks, the hockey expert also raised the possibility of a move from the Coyotes as early as next season in the event of failure in the ballot.

« It gives you some idea of ​​how worried the Arizona Coyotes are about this arena vote that’s coming up, » Seravalli said.

Other obstacle

In addition to the referendum, Tempe must settle a dispute with the City of Phoenix, which has filed a lawsuit against it, claiming that the erection of the arena does not respect the permitted distance from Sky Harbor International Airport, such as the stipulates a law dating from 1994; The Coyotes retaliated by suing Phoenix for $2.3 billion over what they consider bullying tactics aimed at sabotaging the project.

According to club officials, the area will benefit from spending an average of $435 million per year over the next 30 years through the development of potential infrastructure. Proponents of the initiative say the $2.1 billion project will create 6,900 jobs.


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