NHL wants 2022 draft in second week of July

Normally, the NHL Draft is held in the St. John’s corner. However, for two years, this has not been the case, which prevents Marc Bergevin from wishing a happy national day to Quebecers listening before selecting his first player.

And in light of the latest information circulating, it looks like the CH GM cannot wish fans that much in 2022 as the NHL is working on a format that would aim to push the draft back to July. It would be, to be more precise, in the second of July.

Corey Pronman, who released the info first, believes it could be Thursday, July 7.

Obviously, you have to wonder why the NHL is considering postponing its draft and you have to wonder about the consequences of such a two-week postponement.

What you need to know is that the NHL has wanted to postpone its draft for a long time. I don’t know what the reasons are, but it’s in the plans.

The pandemic forced the 2020 auction to take place in October, but in 2021 it was at the end of July. Possibly a jump ball makes the NHL happy and mid-July is a good test for them.

There may be a connection with COVID-19 or the Olympics, but I believe more in the theory raised in the text.

Would the free agents take place in the end of July 14 or stay on the 1st? I imagine that would be pushed back too, but who knows?

We imagine that such a test would be used to see if it is a viable model. If recruiters and team leaders like what they see after 2022, that could become the norm.

Is it the end of July 1 as we know it? The end of moving to listen to the radio at the same time to find out if « Canadian signed a scorer » on this pizza and beer day?

A lot of

– The Oilers have to start winning.

– Sad news.

– Logic.

– Who will win the division?

– Obviously.

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